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The teacher contract bill

Our state politics reporter, Chelyen Davis, reports that the House has passed the teacher contract bill. This would eliminate the continuing contracts that teachers now have. Instead, new teachers would get a three-year contract.

Gov. Bob McDonnell proposed the bill, saying that this would make it easier for administrators to get rid of bad teachers and reward good ones.

As you may imagine, the Virginia Education Association opposes this bill–and a similar one which is in the the Senate today. They are planning a “day of mourning” where teachers where black to protest the death of education in Virginia.

Chelyen’s post includes a poll, which shows that so far, most respondents oppose the bill. What are your thoughts? Will this law make it easier to get rid of bad teachers? Or will it make it easier for administrators to fire those they don’t like? And how do you think it should be determined if a teacher is good or bad?