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How to Celebrate National Handwriting Day

Today is national handwriting day! We’ve been chatting via Facebook about whether or not local schools are still teaching handwriting. And the discussion is a national one, too. The new Common Core Standards, introduced in 2010, don’t include handwriting. These standards have been adopted by 46 states nationwide–Virginia isn’t one of them.

Back to the holiday: The day marks the birth of John Hancock, whose name seems synonymous with cursive writing.

So, if you want to celebrate–and encourage your kids to practice writing by hand–here are a few ideas:

  • Bake a birthday cake for Hancock; give your kids some icing gel and let them write “Happy Birthday” or sign their name on the cake. Here is a great recipe for a simple vanilla cake, if you need one.
  • Have your kid draw a self-portrait, and sign their name in the corner.
  • Write a hand-written note to someone special.
  • Find a penpal for your child.
  • Show your kids a hand-written note, recipe, scrapbook page, journal that means something to you–and discuss why it’s so important to have such an artifact.