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Occupy UMW protests outside meeting

Photo by Robert A. Martin

Occupy UMW is protesting outside the University of Mary Washington ‘s Jepson Alumni Executive Center.

Ten students from the recently formed group read a letter to the board of visitors, who are in the Jepson center for  a meeting.

“We, Occupy Mary Washington, inspired and strengthened by those who struggle for democracy, demand change,” the students shouted. “We will no longer accept the dictates of an oppressive governing body, nor will we be satisfied with token representation.  We recognize that each of you, as individuals, may have good intentions. Nevertheless, we are all complicit in perpetuating a rigidly undemocratic system of governance so long as we maintain that system through consent.”

The students’ demands include transparency, voting membership for students, faculty and staff, living wages for all  employees and for education to take priority over “commodified, quantified measures of intelligence.”

They had several signs that stated:  “Free speech zone” and “No tuition without representation.”