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Update: Stafford school system issues apology for banned “banana man” clothing

Check out an interview with Bryan Thompson–the so-called “Banana man”–here.

Stafford County Schools Superintendent Randy Bridges issued a statement today regarding the banned “banana man” clothing at Colonial Forge. Here’s the statement:

“My staff, under my direction, has reviewed the recent actions at Colonial Forge High School relating to the wearing of yellow tee shirts and other activities in support of a student who had been recently disciplined. We have concluded that many of the actions that were taken by the school were inappropriate.  We are sorry for any embarrassment or inconvenience incurred by the students who were appropriately exercising their freedom of speech and by the families of those students.  This administration and the School Board fully support the First Amendment rights of our students.”

Colonial Forge High School student Bryan Thompson, often referred to as “banana man,” will return to school on Monday, his mom told me today. 

Tavia Thompson said her son is on probation. She met with school administrators, including Colonial Forge High School Principal Karen Spillman, today.

Thompson said Spillman is “worried about him coming back to school and being a distraction now that he has all of these friends.” She said she’s scheduled to meet with Colonial Forge school officials on Monday morning.

Bryan was issued a 10-day suspension after running onto the Stafford County school’s football field last Friday during half-time in a banana costume. The principal had recommended that he be suspended for the rest of the 2011-12 school year.

Tavia Thompson said Bryan plans to attend Colonial Forge’s next football game on Monday. He doesn’t plan to bring the banana costume, she said.

Read today’s story here.

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