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Stafford schools budget cuts

The Stafford County School Board discussed budget cuts during a recent meeting. Superintendent Randy Bridges provided them with a list of cost-saving options you can check out here

The list also includes the cost of raises and other “improvement items,” which the School Board didn’t discuss. Step increases for all employees would cost $4.3 million; 2.5 percent pay increases for employees at the top of their pay scales would cost $438,000; and a $500 bonus for those at the top of their pay scales would cost $105,000.


  • Dana

    I am curious as to why there will be no budget related discussion at tonight’s school board meeting. Time is short and we have a lot of work to do (deciding where to cut $9.2 mil). Doesn’t the Board of Supervisors set the tax rate in April, which is after all the budgets have been approved? This is the end of Feb…