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UMW “fighting Eagle” logos already damaged

It has been less than a month since  the University of Mary Washington had 12 “fighting Eagle” logos placed on College Avenue, but two of them have already been damaged by traffic, a UMW spokesman said. One of the damaged mascots is pictured above.

“University staff have spoken with the vendor who provided the Eagle street logos, and the vendor will repair them. That may not happen until spring because the surface temperature has to be a minimum of 45 degrees and remain 45 and above for several days,” spokesman George Farrar said in an e-mail. He said UMW will not have to pay for the repairs.

Each 7- by 7-foot logo–essentially large decals made of thermal plastic–cost $1,335 for a total of $16,020.

You can read the original story about the logos here.


  • Mitch

    $1,335 each…
    this was a bad idea from the start.

  • JM

    Couldn’t they have just bought some amazing cans of paint and roped the art students into creating something? That is a lot of wasted moolah.

  • And . . .

    once College Avenue is plowed, there will be 12 damaged logos!

  • Guy

    If this had been a good idea, we’d have laminated thermal plastic interstates.

  • Waldo Lumper

    Salt, snow plows and winter weather will take care of he rest of them. I always thought University’s were full of smart people.

  • Ann

    I thought Fredericksburg was an historical town with a university in it, I didn’t know it was a university town with a little bit of history. They are down right ugly.

  • Kelly

    I agree with Ann’s comment

  • Joe

    Talk about a waste of money, UMW wants to raise the cost of students to go to school but can waste money on this, after building the new dorms, seems like the school has a lot of funds to buy out shopping centers, but not for the kids.
    I know it does n9ot come from the same account, maybe it should. If an alum wants to give to a school, the money should first be used for the cost of the sudents to go to the school