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UMW students treated for drug use at Mary Washington Hospital

About 20 University of Mary Washington students have been to the emergency room this fall after taking a drug called “Molly,” according to a letter sent to students on Wednesday.

Vice President for Student Affairs Doug Searcy wrote the letter in the wake of news that 14 current and one former UMW students have been charged in an ongoing drug investigation.

Police made five of the arrests last week  after undercover purchases on the Fredericksburg campus. The drugs included capsules known as “Mollies,” which police say combine ecstasy with cocaine, heroine and other substances.

“Although some in the drug subculture believe a ‘Molly’ (a pure form of Ecstasy) to be a party drug of choice, it is a myth that a ‘Molly is safer than other illegal drugs,” Searcy wrote. “Here in Fredericksburg, some ‘Mollies’ have been ‘cut’ with cocaine, heroin and/or other substances, making them extremely dangerous and unpredictable.

“It is imperative that students understand and respond to this significant, health-related risk.”

Read Searcy’s letter here and check out tomorrow’s Free Lance-Star for more information.


  • Mike_L

    Why would anyone use cocaine and heroin as a “cut” in a capsule when both of them are very expensive and the intoxicating effects of both are muted when taken orally? It just doesn’t sound right. On the other hand, the danger of these unknown drug mixtures is not to be underestimated and I commend Dr. Searcy for communicating openly to the students and community at large.

  • Vector12

    Heroin is not expensive. It is cheap. Heroin is used for those that “cold crush” it for needle injection in a vein.

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