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Outgoing UMW president to receive $217,000 in severance

University of Mary Washington President Judy Hample will receive a lump payment of $217,000 after her resignation June 30, according to an amended employment agreement. You can read the amended agreement here.

UMW today released this statement:The Board and President agreed to a fair and equitable settlement of the contract. President Hample’s offer to step down early and to release the Board from the contract provisions regarding a tenured professorship were felt to be deserving of compensation that was satisfactory to both parties of the contract. A severance package is often typical in the early dissolution of contracts, and this agreement does not differ greatly in substance from those that have been agreed to at other universities.


  • Gary L. Sitzman

    Dear Sir,
    My reply to the severance package is “execssive”.
    UMW is diging itself into a deeper financical hole.

  • http://wonder cassandrasdaddy

    how this is gonna sell to future students and their parents. i know already its a big hit with the alumni.

  • Rufus

    Does UMW really need a president?
    Why not skip it a few years, and use the salary money to improve education. After Frawley and Hample, why hire another one? What,if any, accomplishments do the school presidents have to show for their salaries?


    This whole episode smells like some sort of cover up. Why the quick exit? Sounds to me like the “search committee” did not do a proper job in looking for someone competent applicant and without alot of baggage in the first place. I agree with previous commenter.. let’s hold off and see how well things run for the rest of the academic year and then spend the summer reviewing roles and salaries. Everyone is tightening their belts and budgets, why not UMW?

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