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King George Tuition

The King George School Board on Wednesday discussed the possibility of allowing students who live outside the county to pay tuition to attend King George High.  The School Board hasn’t accepted tuition students in the past because of lack of space.  The new high school, with a capacity of 1,700, now enrolls about 1,200 students.  School Board member Payne Kilbourn said the tuition idea makes sense and that the school system might even profit from it.  But member Dennis  Paulsen said there are "hidden impacts."  For instance, he said, the school system might have to pay more money for students with special needs. It’s unclear how much tuition students would pay if the School Board approves the proposal.    Assistant Superintendent Dick Roberts will provide the School Board with more information on the tuition proposal at a meeting March 25.


  • jaeshuan

    of a king george education be? (yea its a rhetorical question to prove how ridiculous the idea is)