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Warner to speak at YMCA opening

The long-awaited Caroline YMCA finally has an opening date.

A grand opening for the new facility is planned for 1:30 p.m. March 14, with Sen. Mark Warner as the guest speaker.

That day, anyone who has purchased a membership prior to the opening—charter members— will be able to use the facility, said Jan Henicheck, community relations specialist for the organization.

It will be open to the rest of the public the next day.




  • jane tate

    How kind of them to allow any of the “members” to use the facility on the opening day. It would seem to me that any of the county tax payers should be able to use it too, especially because THEY are paying for it. How ridiculous.

  • tjwdj

    You jest I’m sure. They Y?? Allow none members?? Why that would be like the local country club letting non members in. The fees they now charge; totally NOT worth it. Like everything else in this world they have become extremely political..that’s where the $$$$ is!!! LOL!

  • Richard Tater

    Mark Warner said he would be there giving advice to his constituents on how best to use the $2,500 that they’ll be saving each year on healthcare costs.

  • notme

    hope he brings “HIS” check book to cover my increase in premiums

  • Guest

    That’s the cost of being permitted “to keep your plan if you like your plan, period.” See you in November. You know which box to check…