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Results of the parent survey about uniforms, school funding

Caroline Schools Superintendent Greg Killough surveyed parents in the division about topics including school uniforms, school funding and grade-level promotions. Here are the results, which were released at Monday’s School Board meeting.

Do you agree that how a student dresses affects how they behave? Of the 852 responses, 56 percent said yes and 44 percent said no.

Do you agree that wearing school uniforms will help stop students from teasing each other about clothes? Of the 841 surveyed, 59 percent said yes and 41 percent said no.

Do you believe that school uniforms will develop a sense of student community and belonging within the school setting? Of the 817 surveyed, 52 percent said yes and 48 percent said no.

Do you agree that school uniforms will enhance security by easily identifying staff and students? Of the 810 surveyed, 61 percent said yes and 39 percent said no.

Do you support CCPS considering school uniforms for the 2014-2015 school year? Of the 801 surveyed, 57 percent said yes, 43 percent said no.

Would you support increased funding for fixing salaries scales which would help us retain employees and make us more competitive with surrounding counties? Of the 782 surveyed, 84 percent said yes and 16 percent said no.

Do you agree that additional funds are needed to buy much needed materials, supplies, technology, and equipment to provide a quality education for our students? Of the 764 surveyed, 93 percent said yes, 7 percent said no.

Would additional instructional staff in Caroline County Public schools help to improve student performance? Of the 749 surveyed, 88 percent said yes, 12 percent said no.

Do you agree that students who are not reading on grade level should not be promoted to the next grade level? Of the 736 surveyed, 56 percent said yes, 44 percent said no.