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Robert’s father releases statement

A statement released by Robert Wood Sr.:


Please release entire statement and do not edit or chop it.

I would like to again extend my thanks and praise to all who successfully recovered my son. Not only did I get my son back, but I feel that I gained thousands of family members last week.

Robert is doing well!  He is feeling better. He is happy.  He even has spoken a few words which is very rare!  I hope to get him home soon.

I would like to clear up some things that were said about me in a negative light.

It has not been months since I have seen my boys.  I try to see them every weekend, however, sometimes I am not able to.  It is not my effort that keeps me from them.  I take them to North Anna Battlefield park all the time.  It is a beautiful place that keeps the boys active, and it is not very crowded which takes away a lot of distractions so that I can watch them better. There are many other parks we go to as well.  I have never been told not to take them to that park or any other.

I am sorry I have not been available for comment, but I have not left the hospital for more than about an hour.  A sick child’s bedside is no place for phone calls to reporters.

Though I do not have a lot of money, I consider myself to be the one of the wealthiest men in the world…My wealth is in my two little boys.  They are they are the world to me, and I hope nobody could possibly think any different. “


-Robbie Wood


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