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Local emergency declared on Caroline water usage

Caroline County officials are asking that all county residents and businesses reduce water usuage due to a  pump failures in the Carmel Church area.
A local emergency was declared today on water usage in the county as a result of a pump failure at a major well in carmel Church.
Level 6 water restrictions have been imposed on customers of the Caroline County Public Utilities water system in the Carmel Church/Ladysmith business area, which includes the residential communities of Lake Caroline, Ladysmith Village, Pendleton and Belmont.
According to Interim Public Utilities Director Joey Schiebel, effective immediately and until further notice, residents and businesses supplied byt he county water system are prohibited from outdoor uses like watering or sprinkling lawns and gardens and other uses that are not essential to health, safety or the operation of a business.
The county water system is still in operation, Schiebel said, but “the failure of the well pump has significantly reduced reserve levels and necessitated the implementation of emergency water restrictions.”
Level 6 water restriction include the prohibition of watering of lawns and gardens, washing vehicles and cleaning paved areas. New and existing pools and spas can’t be filled and restaurants are prohibited from serving water to customers unless requested.
Schiebel said repairs are being made as soon as possible to restore full pressure to the system and refill the water tanks. As conditions improve over the next few days, the county will re-examine and adjust the restriction level accordingly, he said.
Until further notice, water customers are asked to boil tap water or use bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes as a safety precaution.
–Portsia Smith


  • erstoddard

    Hottest day of the year so far and we have no water?
    At the very least, I think 4-6 hour updates are a requirement. Pressure was back up this morning, does that mean it’s fixed? I assume not, but we need to know these things a bit faster. It’s water, it’s essential.

    And I had better not see a water bill at the same $ that it was last month. so far, 24 hours without decent potable water.

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