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Is there a police impersonator in Louisa?


The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two reports of a police impersonator.

According to Louisa Lt. Jeff Sims, two women reported being stopped this month on Shannon Mill Road at night by a man in an unmarked car with flashing lights.

On March 4, a woman said she was pulled over by a white male in a gray sweatsuit driving a darl-colored car. He did not show any identification, but told her that she had rolled through a stop sign, Sims said.

The woman said he then went to his car and when he came back. she said he told her he wasn’t going to give her a ticket.

A witness that lived nearby said the car was a large, dark car with no markings and blue lights.

On March 20, another female reported that a car with flashing blue and red lights came up behind her on Shannon Mill Road. The woman pulled into a driveway, then noticed that the car had a Mercury emblem and didn’t have a front license plate. She said the lights were rotating on the car’s dashboard.

Sims said that the woman pulled away and the car did not follow her.

Sims said the sheriff’s office is informing citizens that while Louisa deputies do use unmarked cars, all official vehicle have front and rear license plates.

“Please be aware numerous law enforcement agencies are present in Louisa with unmarked vehicles,” Sims said. “Be sure to comply as much as is reasonable while verifying the officer’s authority.”

He said if one is stopped by an unmarked car matching the description in the reports, or if a stop by an unmarked car seems suspicious, drive slowly to an un-secluded area before stopping. Report any suspicious activity by calling 911, He said.

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