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Judge certifies charge against firefighter

A burglary charge against a Ladysmith volunteer firefighter was certified today and will be sent to a grand jury in March.

Judge Frank L. Benser found probable cause that Herbert “John” Oates, 33,  of Ruther Glen entered a home without permission of a woman whom he had met several years ago when her house was on fire.

Two assault charges and a stalking charge against him were dropped in Caroline County General District Court.

The woman, a 28-year-old Spotsylvania County native who now lives in Caroline, testified today that she first remembered seeing Oates on Oct. 20 at a gas station in Ladysmith. She said he walked up to her and knew her full name and physical address.

This alarmed her, she said, but he explained by saying he was a firefighter and had helped put out a fire at her home a few years ago. Fire dispatch records show that a kitchen fire occurred at her home in November 2007.

The woman didn’t remember him, but they had a short, friendly conversation and exchanged phone numbers.

The woman said Oates called her repeatedly over the next few days and showed up at her house unannounced with beer on Oct. 22.

She said she let him in and they talked at the kitchen table, but as the night went on, she testified that he began to make advances at her and tried to touch her aggressively and inappropriately to a point that she was frightened, and had to force him to leave.

She testified that he came to her house again the next day. She said when she saw him outside in her yard, she immediately ran and hid in a kitchen closet hoping he wouldn’t see her.

She testified that he opened the screen door and walked inside her house without permission and started going through her things.

“Then he started talking to himself,” she told the judge.

When he went out the back doot to look for her, she called a security guard in her gated neighborhood, who called police.

The security guard, Johnny Gutridge III, testified that when he arrived at the home, he found Oates up the stairs in the woman’s house.

When Gutridge asked him what he was doing there, he testified that Oates told him he was there to check on the woman and to bring her some chicken.

Gutridge said Oates was cooperative, but didn’t have any chicken with him and his pass to get into the neighborhood was to visit a brother, not the woman.

Oates declined to comment after court today.

Oates has been a career firefighter and EMT in Hanover County since November 2009. He has been a volunteer firefighter and EMT in Ladysmith for 10 years.

Caroline County Fire-EMS Chief David Layman said Oates is on administrative leave pending the outcome of his case, which is standard procedure.


  • Fred

    They dropped the other charges. how did they manage that? I see a payoff or deal done under the table. This bastard broke his oath as an EMT and firefighter. I hope he gets jail and will be fired from his job.

  • truthwillprevail

    Wow!!!!!! Did you ever think charges are dropped because there was no truth in them to began with? I guess because someone is accused of something they are always guilty, people dont lie right? Before sentencing someone it helps to actually know the facts hence the reason we have courts with attorneys. judges and juries. Otherwise any of us could accuse anyone of anything and they would be guilty I guess we would all be in jail, cause I am sure that at some point we all make someone mad enough to accuse us of things that are untrue!!! It real easy to accuse a public office of stuff considering it gets alot of attention. Its amazing we even have officers, fire fighters, doctors, or military considering they put so much out to be accused of things and they seem to be guilty regardless of the TRUTH!!!! I personally will not assume anyone is guilty untill PROVEN!!! Maybe you should try the same!

  • IfOnlyYouKnew

    Yeah… if only you knew the truth. Anyone who personally knows John knows that the man has a few marbles loose. He’s a danger to society and to his family. Put this man in jail before he hurts anyone else!!!

  • IfOnlyYouKnew

    Anyone who knows John personally knows that the man has seriously lost his marbles. He’s a danger to society and to his family. How many people does he need to hurt before he’s finally stopped?! This “man” (because anyone who beats woman can hardly be called a man) needs to be put in jail before he can hurt anyone else.

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