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Woodford man faces fourth DUI charge

A Caroline County man is facing several charges after being arrested in Spotsylvania on a fourth driving under the influence offense.

At 7:07 p.m. on Monday, Spotsylvania Deputy J. Morris saw a vehicle swerving back and forth across both northbound lanes of U.S. 1, just north of Thornburg. The male driver was eventually pulled over for speeding and cooperative during the DUI investigation, said Lt. Col. Michael Timm of the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office.

But when the driver was taken to the sheriff’s office, he refused to take a breath test, Timm said.

Brian Wayne Pitts

Brian Wayne Pitts, 31, of Woodford, is charged with felony DUI, driving on a suspended license, refusal to permit sample of breath and for speeding 68 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Timm said since the driver had multiple DUI convictions, his recent charge was elevated to a felony because it was his fourth offense.

Pitts is being held at Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond. His vehicle was towed and administratively impounded for a required 30 days.

Timm said the sheriff’s office in conjunction with neighboring localities boosted emphasis on unsafe driving behavior during the holidays.

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  • Brad

    I think it’s time to remove this menace’s priviledge to drive before it’s too late.

  • jj

    He was already suspended and he drove. The next step is revocation but that won’t stop him from physically getting behind the wheel. Jail certainly will though.

  • AW

    Agreed…revoking his license will do no good. The real question is: Whose car was he driving?

  • SS

    What a dumbass. Driving on suspended, of course no car insurance, LOCK HIS ASS UP. Then permanently REVOKE his license for life.

  • CB

    That’d make a great profile pic.

  • 1spunkygal

    These idiots never end up getting killed from a DUI. They always make some other family suffer the rest of their lives by killing someone else.

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  • adv1sor

    You can thank our judges that this moron and others just like him are out endangering your life and the lives of your friends and family. Why don’t we lock up these idiots instead of giving them chance after chance to kill someone? Lock them up for a year on the first offense. Three years on the second. And life on the third. This would fill the prisons even more, but it would also put a stop to these selfish pigs who don’t care about their own safety, don’t care about your safety, and could care less if they kill or injure you, your friends, or your family. This insanity should be stopped cold.

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