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BGE improvements bypassed for future K-5 school

From the county website:

BGE Improvements Bypassed For Future K-5 School

Improvements originally planned for Bowling Green Elementary School were bypassed because of an ultimate decision to convert Bowling Green Primary into a K-5 building, Caroline County government officials learned on November 16.

Upon request of the Public School Division, the Board of Supervisors voted to borrow approximately $6.7 million in May, 2007 for renovations to the primary and elementary schools in Caroline County, which included Bowling Green Elementary. However, decisions were made later not to make improvements as requested to Bowling Green Elementary because the School Board had decided to convert Bowling Green Primary into a K-5 building.

Mattaponi District Supervisor Floyd Thomas toured Bowling Green Elementary School on November 16 at the request of interested persons close to the school. He then followed that visit with a phone conversation with Public School Division Superintendent Dr. Greg Killough and learned the projects were not completed at Bowling Green Elementary as they had been in other County schools.

The County-wide renovations were started before Dr. Killough was named superintendent in 2009.

“That explains why the improvements were not made,” commented Supervisor Thomas. “I was not aware the School Board had decided to move forward with a K-5 proposal for Bowling Green Primary. Now I can tell those who asked me to visit the school why the improvements were not made.”

Dr. Killough appeared before the Board of Supervisors at the November 16 meeting and gained approval to file a joint application to apply for up to $15 million in school improvements. Among those improvements are the additions and renovations at Bowling Green Primary for a combined Bowling Green Elementary (K-5) School. The estimated cost is $9 million.

The application is for Qualified School Construction Bonds (QSCBs) authorized under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

The 2007 borrowing has extended beyond the original improvements requested by the Public School Division. Improvements in technology, security systems and HVAC replacements are among the items that were not in the original request.

“We just need to talk more,” Supervisor Thomas told Dr. Killough at the November 16 BOS meeting. “When we don’t, one person is moving forward and the other is left standing trying to catch up.”

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