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Brothers face off at Friday’s football game, dad torn

A Caroline Crossroads exclusive by Taft Coghill Jr.

Andrew Hughes is a bit torn this week.

One son, D.J. Hughes, is a senior running back and safety for Caroline High School’s football team.

Another son, Henry Hughes, is a junior fullback and nose guard for King George.

The Cavaliers and Foxes will hook up Friday night in the regular season finale at King George High.

“They’ve been talking trash to each other this whole season,” Andrew Hughes said. “This past weekend we went to visit a couple of colleges and it was trash talk the whole way up and the whole way back.”

D.J. lives with his mother in Caroline County. Henry lives with his father in King George County.

Andrew Hughes said he can’t pick a side to root for in D.J.’s final high school game.

He said he’ll sit in the middle of the field, and he’ll carry a split sign.

One side of the sign will support D.J. The other side will support Henry.

D.J. and Henry each see significant playing time on both sides of the ball.

“It’s hard, man, because with D.J. being a senior and Henry being here in King George with me, I feel like I’ve got to sit in the middle of the field,” Andrew Hughes said. “I’ll flip the sign, depending on who’s on offense.”

Hughes said his sons have a close relationship. They lived together in King George before D.J. decided to move to Caroline with his mother.

They were always on the same team when they played in recreational leagues.

Tonight is the first time they’ll face off.

“D.J. likes to let [Henry] know ‘I’m still the older brother,’” Andrew Hughes said. “And Henry’s like, ‘When I catch you, I’m going to put you out.’”

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  • Nunya

    Is there no honor or respect left in the world? In days gone by, brothers would have declined to oppose each other because they were family. I guess these days it’s every man for himself. The trouble is a house divided amongst itself will fall.

  • Dawn

    It is a football game. They are part of a team and each one is unholding there duty to the team. I am sure they were aware this day would come.

    Which days gone by?
    I have no idea why this should be about honor and respect or about a divided house. Brothers have competed against each other in sports since the invention of sports.

    If the sport were a dual I could see an need to opt out but this is a game which good sportmanship is required for all team members family or not.

  • TPKeller

    This makes for a nice public interest story, but lets try to keep some perspective here. It’s a game. There have been countless other sibling rivalries with much more at stake, not the least of which is the Williams Sisters rivalry, where the two of them have faced each other – and each other alone – 23 times on the courts where professional ranking and a lot of money are on the line. I’m sure the obligatory trash talk goes on behind the scenes in their relationship as well.

    Finally, as residents of the Fredericksburg area, it’s hard to comment on a story like this without mentioning that we are fortunate that brothers and sisters have the privilege to oppose one another on a field of PLAY.

    150 years ago, all over the country, brothers were opposing each other on the field of BATTLE, a far greater emotional burden for a parent to carry.

  • Nunya

    Whatever, this kind of play gets translated to negativity very easily obviously honor was before your time if you don’t remember it and the civil war shows exactly what I am talking about. The world is full of jackals and it sounds like you people are exactly that. That’s why I keep to myself and stay armed at ALL times even in the shower. Friendly rivalry leads to hurt feelings and lots of resentment which leads to fights and worse. You people are sheeple who believe whatever the socialist school teachers tell you. Karl Marx said to defeat a people first thing institute mandatory public schools so you can influence the young minds of the next generation. Looks like it is working on you people.

  • Peter Ost

    “each one is unholding HIS duty to the team…”

    “If the sport were a DUEL…”

    I shudder at the illiteracy that graduates from our schools.

  • Peter Ost


    Sheesh! Even I must shudder at myself for that one!

  • teresa

    i know and love both these boys i live in kg and ill be rooting for both the boys and the foxes all at the same time

  • Nunya

    Divided loyalties, not good. Both brothers should play on offense so they won’t go up against each other directly. The Williams sisters are a prime example. One sibling should never oppose another. This kind of rivalry is why brother is killing brother in the streets. Don’t you think the losing sibling has animosity for their winning sibling? Doesn’t the loser always have some animosity for the winner? Why would you want to breed that in siblings? It is a mistake!

  • Dad

    WOW the game is over! To set your mind at ease Nunya. No one is HURTand no one is mad. And to let you know, I teach my boys honor. And think they know when to draw the line. It was a great game, we had family photos after and everything. My boys are not a war where one couid dye. They are injoying LIFE. And as far as what was gained from this. They both know and has always known, what to do to push each other in the right direction. And it makes it easy when I send the college tapes.