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10/12/10 BOS recap

Sorry, I couldn’t get a connection to live blog last night’s BOS meeting on FredTalk.

Here’s the link to the county’s recap:

Here’s my story that will run tmw:

Caroline County supervisors approved a resolution that will expand the wastewater treatment plant and connect a needy community to their water system, but will nearly double the county’s utility debt.

The Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 Tuesday night authorizing the borrowing of up to $22 million through a the Virginia Resources Authority bond.

More than $16.4 million would go towards the upgrade and expansion of the county’s wastewater treatment plant.

According to Interim Director of Public Utilities Joseph Schiebel, the current system is at 82 percent capacity, or 167 connections away before a state-mandated upgrade is required.

The wastewater expansion would increase from 500,000 gallons per day to 1.5 million per day when completed and would create capacity for future residential and business growth, he said.

About $3 million would be spent to run a water line from Carmel Church to the Caroline Pines subdivision in Ruther Glen, where residents have been having problems with smelly and discolored water for years.

Part of the resolution includes considering increasing the current $16,500 availability fee paid by developers by $2,000.

Both projects will start immediately and will be coordinated by the Public Utilities department.

The remaining $2.6 million balance would be used to pay capitalized interest and the cost of the bond. VRA requires that the county have a cash reserve of $1.9 million by 2013.

Bowling Green District Supervisor Jeff Sili was not in favor of the resolution stating that the county is spending future money that it doesn’t have yet.

“That’s a tremendous amount of money,” Sili said. “The assessment values are going backwards and the need for money is going up. Now we have to come up with a cash reserve.”

He said it would nearly double the utility debt, which he said is already at $24 million.

Madison District Supervisor Wayne Acors said he doesn’t want to borrow more money, but in order to attract businesses, an investment must be made.

“I can assure the people of Caroline County that if it was not for the lines we put in the ground in 1989, we would not have had the new school, new businesses and a lot of the things we have in the county,” Acors said. “If we stick our heads in the sand and let the world pass us by, we would lose the next McKesson or other business that wants to come here.”

The board also:

adopted a resolution approving lease financing of $700,000 for the Dawn branch library.

denied a request from the Central Virginia Housing Coalition for reimbursement of proffer fees for a special construction project in Port Royal.

authorized by a 4-1 vote to submit a grant application to fund a possible YMCA in the county. Sili opposed.

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  • same ole same ole

    No money in the bank. 100 million in debt and looking to double it. What happened to all the State Fair money that was going to come in when the BOS voted to bury you debt last time??? “A fool and his money are soon parted” and Caroline residents you’ve been fools a long time.

    At least get a fraud audit to see what’s going on in your government and create a department of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. These two things will actually generate funds that are leaking out of your local government on an hourly basis.

    The choice is yours: same ole, same ole, or stand up for your rights and stop the maddness.

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