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07/27/10 BOS recap

Unofficial Numbers Show County

May End FY ’10 with Surplus

Caroline County’s budget that ended June 30 for the 2009-10 fiscal year may show a surplus according to unofficial numbers presented at the July 27 meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

Finance Director Fran Hatcher gave the fourth quarter report for the FY ’10 Budget and noted the County is showing a $1.2 million surplus in the General Fund. Even though the fiscal year ended June 30, the final numbers will not be determined until the books are officially closed and the annual financial audit is performed.

“I am pleasantly surprised, but not shocked with the surplus,” commented Madison District Supervisor Wayne Acors. “This Board has been working hard to manage our money properly and begin to build a fund balance. We all have to agree we are in much better shape today than we were 12 months ago.”

Reductions in force and in overall spending implemented in November, 2008 started the turnaround, according to County Administrator Percy Ashcraft. Those actions helped balance the FY ’09 Budget and assist in climbing out of the hole for FY ’10. Less spending by departments and agencies and increased revenues led directly to the General Fund surplus, according to Hatcher’s report.

Increases in revenues from Public Service Corporation and personal property taxes were well above projections, Hatcher reported. Departments also spent overall about three percent less than budgeted.

The General Fund surplus if maintained after the books are closed and the audit is performed will give the County its first positive cash Fund Balance in about three years. The actual number is hard to determine at this point, according to Hatcher, but at least in the “$300-400,000 range.”

Other highlights of the meeting include:

  • Received a greeting from James Beazley, new Government Affairs Representative for Dominion Power. He replaced Al Smith, who retired earlier this year.
  • Received a report from the Dawn Library Committee on the bids to construct a new branch. Staff was authorized to research financing options and present them at the August 10 meeting.
  • Authorized the purchase of three Sheriff’s vehicles out of Undesignated Fund Balance.
  • Advanced to Second Reading and public hearing on September 28 changes to Zoning Ordinance regarding proffers and when changes can be made.
  • Approved the fee of $150 per call to be paid to Caroline County by Peumansend Creek Regional Jail for services provided by the Sheriff’s Office, Court System and Department of Fire and Rescue.
  • Advanced to Second Reading and public hearing on September 28 amendments to the noise ordnance to mirror changes in state law.
  • Approved matching of grant for new Medic Unit for Fire and Rescue to be paid out of Undesignated Fund Balance.
  • Approved an agreement with Sands Anderson Marks & Miller for County Attorney services at a monthly retainer amount of $18,000.


  • stonewallpark

    I am shock to find that we pay a legal firm $18000.00 a mo. retainage.That is over $216000.00 per year the county must be having a lot of legal problems.Someone needs to face up to the the corruption that is or could be occuring in caroline county. They past a large subdivison that has no high speed rail and water problems,could list many more with that project, I bet there was some trade offs or maybe some money past on this one.These are things i do not understand the county got nothing.Wonder what the BOS,PLANNING COMM,UNION BANK, and other with power in the county.