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Vote to “Build a new Branch in the Dawn Community of Virginia”

Please vote for the Dawn Project!

Our $250,000 Grant Proposal “Build a new

Branch in the Dawn Community of

Virginia” has been approved.  Start

spreading the news to your friends &

family and tell them to vote.  There’s no

time to lose, voting ends June 30, 2010.

Visit and cast your vote

(see below instructions)

Pepsi Refresh Project

Please visit:

First, you need to join.

1. Click the “Join Refresh Everything” in the blue bar across the

bottom of the screen next to the box that says “10 – Voting is


2. Fill in First name

3.   “   “  Last name

4.   “   “  Email address

5.   “   “  Choose a password that is 6 – 10 characters

6.   “   “  Re-type the password

7. Choose your birth date from the slot (you have to be 18 or


8. Enter the text from the image

9. Answer/click 3 short questions

10. Click done

Once this is done, you can cast your votes.  Look for “Build a new

branch Library in the Dawn Community in Virginia.”

The next time you go to the site, all you need to do is click the “Sign

In” button in the blue bar.  It will ask you for your email address and


You can cast 10 votes each day.  I had hoped that you could cast all

10 votes for the same project but it doesn’t work that way so I guess

you can simply cast 1 vote each day for the Dawn Project or choose

9 other projects you support.

So that you don’t have to look for the projects each day, when you

revisit after your first time, you can click “Ideas I Support” from

the drop down box beside “Vote For” at the top right above the

denominations. That will pull up all that you have voted on.

Don’t forget to Sign Out after you cast your vote/votes.

For faster access at future visits, you can put this site in your



Click on the down arrow of the address bar and then scroll down to

the site on the list.

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