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Letter to Superintendent: Help for our students

Superintendent Caroline County Schools

Ref: Help four our students

My name is Rev. Wilbert Green, I am a substitute teacher, working mostly at the middle school and high school.

I am writing because of my concern with the present and past situations that have occurred at the high school.

Being a minister, this is not about the church, religion, or being spiritual, this is about our children, and what we can and must do to help them for their future and for life.

I am the grandfather of a three-year-old, who will soon be part of this school district, presently I am not looking forward to that day. I have all the intentions of doing something about it NOW. I am asking for an opportunity to address the Board, with a proposal, which I will explain later int his letter.

However, first I am the product of a Public School System, where I graduated tenth in my class (1961) receiving eight scholastic/athletic scholarships. I received my B/S degree from the University of Maryland and I am now enrolled at the Grand Canyon University, working towards a B/A in Biblical Studies.

My children and their children are the products of the Philadelphia Public School System. My grandson, has been a school teacher for eight years, this year being promoted to Dean and Principal of Wilmington, Delaware’s first academic high school for boys.


Here is the proposal:

1. A Saturday morning conference to allow students to discuss their concerns, and their ideas on how they feel they should be addressed. Students, faculty, mentors only.

2.Workshops addressing those concerns with teachers, mentors, parents and volunteers those sessions.

This would be the first of a series of sessions, eventually taking it to the middle school level.

I have in place a number of people who are willing to give time to this project. Utilizing the Media Dept. at the high school to inform students. With letters going to every home of a student informing parents.

You probably ask “Will it work?” I do not know, however with or without the Board’s assistance, this grandfather, minister and substitute teacher is going to try.

The theme: Help us to be better students

Thanking you in advance,

Rev. Wilbert Green

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