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Sheriff’s letter to the editor

May 25, 2010

Editor, The Free Lance Star

616 Amelia Street

Fredericksburg, VA  22401

I want to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank Chairman D. M. “Maxie” Rozell and the Board of Supervisors for their recent efforts to ensure the safety and security of the children in our school system.

Until their efforts, appropriate funding for the deputies that work in and around our public schools had been cut.  In these extremely trying economic times, every tax dollar must be spent wisely. With that said, the education of our children and their safety in our schools is of paramount concern to all of us.

I was very concerned about the loss of funding needed to keep the four school resource employees and instructors in their positions.  The loss of school safety and security that comes without having on-site school resource officers, along with the loss of the DARE program and the high school criminal justice program concerned me not only as a law enforcement professional, but as a parent.

I am pleased that with help from the Board of Supervisors, funding was located for three of the four positions, and through some creative scheduling with Caroline High School Principal Dr. Harper Donahoe, all the aforementioned programs will continue. This will maintain a continued law enforcement presence in all levels of public education.

Please, my fellow Caroline County parents, grandparents and concerned citizens, take a moment to pass along your thanks to Chairman Rozell and the other Board Members who favored these vital School Resource Officers that protect the safety of our children, teachers, and administrators.  When we are able to teach our children well and provide a safe learning environment, we insure the successful future of our community.

I remain respectfully yours,

A. A. “Tony” Lippa, Jr.


Caroline County

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  • william e. sparks

    Sheriff Lippa,

    I agree that the safety and security of our children should be a priority.However, I have some concerns about your programs:

    1.Does the DARE program count in a childs gpa?If it does
    not then it should.
    2.What do you mean by “creative scheduling”.Again, this
    sounds like how you communicate in your Sheriff’s Report
    on Law Enforcement Statistics where you give a statistic
    but, you fail to define the stat. for the public.For example,
    “self initiated calls”.
    3.Could more cost effective methods be used to ensure the
    security of our children?
    4.Could the schools criminal justice program be provided in
    a more cost effective manner?

    In closing, I appreciate your concern for Carolines children.However, the Sheriff’s Office should be run like a business that conserves valuable tax dollars for all of our citizens.Maintaining what existed in the past may not be a viable option for the unique challenges of today.

    I remain respectully yours,

    Mr. William E. Sparks

    The tax payer
    Caroline County