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Did Mrs. Blanton teach you?

At this very moment, I am doing something that many Caroline County residents have done.

I’m sitting in Mrs. Blanton’s government class.

Joanne Blanton, who has been teaching for 50 years, is retiring this year. Fourty-eight of those years were in Caroline.

She is known for making her students attend government meetings in the county.

Post a comment if you have had Mrs. Blanton as a teacher and also post your most interesting Mrs. Blanton memory.


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  • Debbi Jones

    Mrs Blanton taught me government my senior year at Ladysmith High School, She had a speial interest in her students lives. Knowing that prom time was approaching and I had recently broken up with boyfriend she talked us into making up long enough to attend the prom together. After that night, we never have been apart again. She attended our wedding over 30 years ago, I wish her the best in her retirement.

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  • bosmom

    Mrs. Blanton taughtme government my senior year at Caroline High about 22 yrs ago. I remember that she had someone come in an give us students that were old enough the opportunity to register to vote…Talk about going the extra mile. Been voting ever since.

  • vamom24

    I had Mrs. Blanton years ago. She also taught my son.
    I remember having to go visit the General District court for her class, Visiting BOS meetings, I remember an interesting trip to DC that year. She was fairly strict back then. you had to register to vote back then.

  • Wendy Rock

    Mrs. Blanton taught me as well class of 1991. She was one of the best teachers, friend and always had a smile. She cared about her students & knew most of our parents. Those were the days and good times. Mrs. Blanton is a ROCKSTAR in her own right.

  • Kiara

    Mrs. Blanton taught me my senior year of high school in 2000. She was AMAZING. She was one of the best teachers I have ever had. She made a subject that is supposed to be boring and trite… interesting. You will be missed Mrs Blanton!!!! <3