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Robbie Jenkins resigns from schools

The School Board accepted the resignation of Robert “Robbie” Jenkins IV on Monday evening during a special school board meeting.

The discussion of the resignation was held privately during closed session, but here is what the resignation letter said:


(Removed by request )


Jenkins was the health and physical education teacher at Bowling Green Primary School. His resignation is effective May 10.

He previously held that same position at the high school and had been an assistant football coach at the high school when his father, Robert Jenkins III, was the head coach.

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  • cassandrasdaddy

    so what happened? fallout from the smear job get him?

  • deb lawrence

    I think it is very strange that the high school principal’s son-in-law is now in this position—-little nepotism going on. The parents need to get invovled and take a look at what is going on. You as parents have no clue about the way your children’s teachers are treated. This was a railrood job if ever there was one.

  • princess4t

    I am appalled by the fact that this discussion of said resignation was taken during a closed session and yet the resignation letter of this wonderful teacher made the newspaper! Is the Caroline County Public School System inviting a lawsuit? The tactics and amount of common sense used here is overtly questionable. It’s horrific! Nonetheless, it is highly noteworthy that this is the type of leadership that is ‘supposed’ to be reasponsible for making decisions on what is in the best interest of our children! AMAZING and ASTONISHED………