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Woman to Army officials: ‘You’re dirty’

You can click here to read about the public meeting between Fort A.P. Hill and the community:

Here’s a weird tidbit that was left out of the print edition:

A bizarre incident occured during the meeting when a Portobago Bay resident confronted the officials.

She said she didn’t believe anything the Army said because her veteran husband was denied citizenship decades ago after serving three years with the U.S. Army.

“I’m having trouble with the Army’s integrity. They lied to him,” she said. “Now, you’re going to screw us out of everything we have,” she said referring to base noise rattling her home.

She called the Army officials “dirty” before running out of the building.


  • stonewall park

    Sounds like she don’t like the ARMY? if she wants to sell i will be glad to buy it. Since it is falling down I woud give 50 cents on the dollar to her.The value at port-a-potta bay lost about 200,000.00 this past year.So if you home was worth 500,000,00 take the 200,000.00 leaves you 300.000.00 I will give you a fair deal 150,000.00 for your home.I can do the repairs and wait 2or3 years to resale.Let me know.

  • commonsense

    Does anyone really believe someone served in the Army three years and was denied citizenship? And then she runs out of the building…normal behavior. I’m sure the base wasn’t there when she moved in, either. Lunatic fringe.

  • Veteran wants to help!

    As a Veteran, I wonder why this man is alleged to have been denied citizenship. I just attended my sons graduation from basic training where 16 new soldiers were also sworn in as new citizens after studying for naturalization and according to the Fort Jackson post newspaper 8 more the week prior. Service does not automatically qualify someone for citizenship. The Army can assist with citizenship but it can only be confered by the Departmert on Immigration and Naturalization. If he was a combat veteran there are other programs that will assist. I’d like to help. If not I than hopefully others she feel more comfortable with can offer as well. It is the right thing to do.