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F&R seeking dry hydrant locations

Contact Information:

David Layman, Fire – EMS Chief                           (804)633-9831

Caroline County Dept. of Fire and Rescue Seeks Locations to Install Dry Fire Hydrants


Caroline, Virginia – The Caroline County Department of Fire and Rescue is seeking citizen assistance in identifying locations for the placement of “dry” fire hydrants. A dry hydrant is a non-pressurized pipe system permanently installed in existing lakes, ponds and streams that provides a suction supply of water to a fire department tank truck. These devices are crucial in establishing adequate water supply to fight fires in our rural areas where conventional hydrants cannot be used.

In rural areas, a lack of water mains and pressurized fire hydrants can sometimes impair a fire department’s ability to do its job quickly and efficiently. The success of a fire department’s operation hinges on the distance a truck must travel to fill-up and return to the fire. In many cases these fill-up points are often long distances from the fire and the firefighters are unable to maintain an uninterrupted water source at the scene. The installation of a non-pressurized pipe system into local water sources provides a ready means of supplying water to fire engines.

Caroline County has the opportunity to apply for a state grant to pay for the installation of up to 18 new dry hydrants. There is no cost or liability to the property owner. We are looking to you, the citizens we serve, in order to find locations for these new hydrants. Ideal locations should be in areas where there is good hard surfaced access to a free standing body of water. We have a particular interest in identifying several sites in the Lake Land’or and Woodford communities. The Department has few existing dry hydrants in these areas.

If you have a possible dry hydrant location on or near your property, please contact the Department of Fire and Rescue Administration office at 804 – 633-9831 or email Lieutenant Chewning at

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  • stonewall park

    This will be very interesting to see who bids and builds these 18 dry fire hydrants.I am sure it wili be some bidders for this work.

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