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Boyd case: Did his lawyer spill the beans?

A reporter named Mark Matthews from the Emporia Independent-Messenger called me a few weeks ago inquiring about the Ben Boyd case.

He asked me a few questions and that was it.

I didn’t think nothing of it at the time until today, so I went to the paper’s Web site and saw an article titled: Former GCHS coach Boyd embroiled in controversy

I found it to be pretty interesting because Boyd’s lawyer was quoted in the story saying, what seems to me, to be what the forgery of a public record was. Here’s an excerpt of the article:

Boyd has a heavy hitter representing him in defense, attorney Morgan Griffith, who is also the number two Republican in the Virginia House of Delegates, as the District 8 Representative. “The misdemeanor conviction brought on a small fine and 18 months’ probation,” said Griffith. “This all happened before he ever became a teacher. He put down on his application that he had misdemeanors on his record, but wasn’t specific. Boyd was hired at Caroline. The Superintendent of Caroline County Schools, Gregory Killough, knew the specifics of the conviction and said he forgot to mention them to the school board. A second meeting was held and the board learned of the facts surrounding the 1991 case and decided to hire the coach. It was later that the recent charges were filed. “I don’t believe there was a forgery,” said Griffith. He didn’t sign a false name. “Uttering would be the passing of the application and I don’t believe there was any intent to deceive.” Griffith said that Boyd still plans to coach the Cavaliers this year.

First, I’m pretty bummed because I specifically asked Griffith what the charges were about and he wouldn’t tell me. According to the Caroline County Public School application, there is a section that requires an attached explanation if the applicant has been convicted of a violation of law other than a minor traffic offense.

Second, I find it interesting that in this story Killough is said to have known about the conviction, but forgot to mention it. In the FLS story written by my colleague Taft Coghill, Jr., Killough said he didn’t know about the convicton.

Third, this article is a little confusing because it says a second meeting was held…blahblah blah…and the board decided to hire the coach. When in fact he was hired in May. Taft found out about the 1991 conviction that same night he was hired. I asked Wendell Simms and Fred Peatross about the conviction, they had never heard of it. I asked Tami Redding, she wouldn’t confirm or deny whether she knew about it or not. The following school board meeting in June was when the second meeting was held and they met in closed session and decided to reaffirm their decision to hire him.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm….

Boyd’s contract starts tomorrow. The first practice is on Monday.

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  • billmoney

    So, if I make a clerical error on a Sheriff’s department application I’ll be arrested at my place of employment no questions asked?What a joke!