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School Board notes

The Caroline County School Board had a special meeting Monday night mainly held to pay off some bills before the end of the fiscal year.

Here are some points of interests:

  • The Board accepted the resignation of CHS principal Jeff Wick, effective August 2nd.

I talked to Wick, who said he is looking at several options for his future in the non-public sector. He said it could be education, like something at a junior college, private school or even military school, "or if something else caches my interest."

He said he would love to stay in the area if e coul because he loves Caroline County.

Part of his legacy, according to Assistant Superintendent Eric Cunningham, is the way he connected with students.

Wick said he didn’t have a strategy, it’s just something that came natural. Hesaid he just treated them with dignity and respect.

He is also known for enforing a ban on student smoking on school grounds. Something he said was not a hard decision.

"It improved the atmosphere of the school and let parents know we were puttig forth effort," he said.

Wick said he will remember the great people of Caroline.

Cunningham said a committee of 20, which will include teachers, administrators, parents and students, will be on the search committee for a new high school principal. The committee will focus on instrution, school/community relations, and each applicant will give a presentaion. Interviews will be held July 8th and 9th. A recommendation should be made to the School Board by August.

  • The Board also hired some teachers to fill some vacant teachers, those positions include:

A Special educatin teacher at BG Primary; A Social Stdies teacher at the Diversified Learning Center; a Guidance COunselor/Social Studies teacher at CHS and a first grade teacher at Lewis & Clark Elementary.

  • Rose West, who has worked with the school system for years is retiring. She did ISS at CMS. 


  • In February, Caroline Schools had 55 teachers with licensure issues. Now that number is down to 4. The adminisration is aiming to have highly qualified teachers –not just qualified–in every classroom.
  • The Board also approved funding for a $48,000 feasibility study. A committee recomended OWPR Architects of Blacksburg to complete the study. The study will look at the best ways to use the school buildings and what to renovate, especially since the Board wants to have a PreK-5 elementary school.

Some other projects in the works include:

  • The high school weightroom has been completely redesigned with state-of-the-art equipment
  • They killed the grass at the high school football field, leveled the ground, removed the rocks and put down low-growing Bermuda grass. George Gagnon described the grass as a "very forgiving grass." For example, if a player does a sliding tackle and knocks out a divit of grass, the grass will grow back on its own.
  • New trailors are being installed at Madison Elementary and Bowling Green Elementary. The 3 in front of Madison will be removed. Four new ones will go to BGE with 8 classrooms. And 2 of the Parent Resource trailors a BGE will be used for head start programs. Head Start had been at the Comunity Services Center/BGP. Those old ones wil be removed. (All of this is according to Cunningham and Gagnon.)
  • A fiber line will also be connected to CMS from CHS, which will increase bandwidth and interschool connectivity.
  • At CHS, there will be some painting, powerwashing, new lights in th gym, new marquees (one will be electronic), and the cafeteria is being remodeled to be more like a food court. Also, bids are in for ew bleachers in the gym….The ones tee now are the original ones when the school was built in 1977.

That’s all for now, folks!

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  • kelshel

    First of all, does anyone proof read these articles? There are a ton of typos! Secondly, and most importantly, I’m really concerned about the way the county is spending the money. They want to put in a new marque at the high school, but the bathrooms at BGE don’t even have locks on the doors. Do they even bother to tour the schools to see what is needed where? I feel that is a lot of money that could have been spent more wisely.

  • jgc1964

    Nice report, Portsia!
    It sounds like the School Board is working hard to make some improvements to the county’s schools and see that the teachers are qualified.

  • psmithatfls


  • psmithatfls

    This is a BLOG, not a newspaper article. There are differences. Blogs are not edited or proofed, but (at least in MY blog) the information is just as credible. OK, I had a few typos, my bad. But my goal is to get readers the information as soon as possible. Even with typos, I’m sure you can figure it out. I’m a reporter, but I’m also human. Thanks for reading!

  • kelshel

    I was just pointing out the obvious with the typos. Sorry you got offended, it’s just one of my pet peaves. The title of my response was directed toward the actual blog, not you. I appreciate the information.

  • psmithatfls

    No worries!