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Technology team meeting

The county’s technology team met Wednesday.

They discussed ways that they can possibly get high speed Internet access throughout the county. A hard task, being that some of the county is so rural.

Present at the meeting were Supervisor Floyd Thomas, who led the meeting; County Administrator Percy Ashcraft;  Eric Cunningham, assistant superintendent of schools; a person from the school’s IT department; Mike Finchum, head of the Planning department, J.P.Montague of the county’s IT department, Webmaster Karen Jenkins, Economic Development Director Gary Wilson; Lt. Mike Hall; representatives from Verizon, Comcast, and Metrocast; and some attorneys.

They came up with their top 3 goals:

1. Look at how they can connect all schools and county buildings Internetically (if that’s a word) :)

2. Look at how they can provide high-speed Internet access to the growth areas in the county (specifically around Route 1 and I-95).

3. Look at how to provide access to the more rural areas.

The next meeting will be April 22 at 3 p.m.

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  • dporter

    Thanks for keeping us updated Portsia. It doesn’t sound like they have much accomplished in this area yet, but hopefully they’ll keep at it. I know this has been a huge issue for our own family and other families around us.

  • kf4dfb

    Is what I ‘hear’ a lot of in this area.
    How about pressure on the line based (Verizon+Metrocast) companies to provide a time table for upgrades? I can’t stand hearing ‘we’re working on it’ from companies, told an estimated date, then not having anything 6 months later.
    Didn’t Verizon lay fiber down rt2 from 1+17? Verizon said no more DSL is going in my area. If fiber is a mile away, why not provide at least DSL?
    I’ve seriously looked at moving to another county where fios is available in the next year or two.

    Any idea when the next tech meeting is?

  • psmithatfls

    The Technology Team will hold its next meeting at 3 p.m. Wednesday, April 22 at the Community Services Center.