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January 2009 deed transactions in Caroline

The following deeds were recorded in  January:

Michael L. Workman  to Michael Anderson, lot, Lake Land’Or,  $175,000.

Melissa Simpson to Regina Lynn  Hastings, two sites, Four Winds,   $4,800.

 Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Susan Lee Anderson– Meeks,  lot, Johnson Coleman,  $25,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Kermit E. Dacis Jr., lot, Lake Land’Or,   $144,200.

William R. Beach, general contractor,  to Laurie A. Meade, lot, Fairfield,   $175,425.

The Bank of New York, trustee,  to  Christopher Carolus, lot, Minor,   $201,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to  Matthew J. McFadden, lot, Belmont  at Carmel, $208,000.

Audrey J. Hill to Richard F. Pickens   Jr., lot, Bowling Green Park,  $208,000.

The Citigroup/CF to Billy E. Smith Jr.,  lot, Campbells Creek Village,  $120,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to  Teresa D. Tygart, lot, Lake Land’Or,  $116,500.

Thomas G. McGee to David H. Thacker, parcel, deed book 983,  $300,000.

Fannie Mae, also known as Federal  National to Freddie  Dyer II, lot,  Caroline Pines, $183,600.

Secretary of Housing and Urban to  Kevin J. Kiely, lot, Ladysmith Village, $268,300.

Evelyn H. Gibson to Wendy McDowell, trustee, three lots, Caroline  Mineral Springs, $120,000.

Gary Kline to Daniel Packard Jr., 0.95  acre, more or less, Bowling Green  District, $118,000.

US Bank National Association to  Randall  L. Tingler, lot, Lake Land’Or,  $95,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to  Laura A. Basilio, lot, Lake Land’Or,  $140,000.

Citimortgage Inc. to Joanne M.  Jones, lot, Campbell’s Creek,  $69,900.

Tricord Inc. to Owen B. Pickett, parcel, deed book 983, page 569,  $400,000.

The Bank of New York to Gary Wilson,  lot, Belmont at Carmel,  $257,001.

Residential Funding Co. to Virginia  Limited Liability Co., lot, Lake Caro line, $80,000.

Thompson Building Corp. to Leon M.  Rice, lot, Caroline Village,  $191,500.

U.S.  Bank National Association to  Robert Barr, lot, Belmont at  Carmel, $366,400.

Ladysmith Land LLC to County of  Caroline, parcel, Ladysmith Village  Center, Founders, $1,036,662.

Deutsche Bank National, trustee,  to  Mark A. Fredrick, lot, Lake Land’Or,  $174,000.

Deutsche Bank National, trustee, to  Kevin R. Smith, lot, Lake Land’Or,  $158,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Emily L.  George, lot, Lake Land’Or,  $154,650.

Ronald F. McNeil to Charles L. Huges,  lot, Eastwood Estates, $117,000.

Carol Tegue to John Edmond Byers  Jr., 20.01 acres,  $200,000.

Consumer Solutions Red LLC to  James C. Allen, lot, Lake Caroline,  $109,000.

EMC Mortgage Corp. to Donna R.  Jensen, lot, Lake Land’Or,  $172,000.

William R. Beach, general contractor,  to 9700 LLC, deed book 984, page  495, $142,000.

Fannie Mae, also known as Federal  National, to Bernard L. Tingler, lot,  Madison District, $78,000.

Mark D. McWiggins, executor,  to  Katie D. Davis, 2 lots, Lake Land’Or,  $137,500.

Reuben K. Bristow, trustee,  to Shelton Edwards, site, Four Winds,  $5,000.

Carl W. Johnson to Daniel P. Loth,  17.12 acres, Russnak Family,   $85,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to  Cristobal Gutierrez, lot, Lake Caro line, $211,122.

HSBC Bank USA to Shaw’s Lafayette  Junction LLC, 0.94 acre, more or  less, deed book 984, page 792,  $85,000.

Aurora Loan Services LLC to Harold  H. Wagenknecht, lot, Lake Land’Or,  $136,000.

Citibank National, trustee,  to Larry D.  Searles, lot, Pleasant Ridge Es tates, $135,900.

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