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Caroline deeds, June 2014

The following deeds were recorded in Caroline County Circuit Court in June 2014:

  • Richard O. Smith to Ravonda O. Taylor, lot, Campbells Creek Village, $113,500.
  • Stephen M. Smith to Roberto C. Vasquez, lot, Paige’s subdivision, $115,000.
  • Muriel A. Brooks to John P. Wells,  Thompkins, $160,000.
  • Janet B. Menzies to James D. Luck, parcel, Frog Level Road, $240,000.
  • Norman R. Seay, trustee, to Timothy Robert Williams, lots, deed  book 1172, page 372, $140,164.
  • Christopher Stafford to Mosher Alakroush, 2 lots, Bowling Green Park, $20,000.
  • Maribel Chavez to Pedro A. Platero, lot, Lake Land’Or, $139,000.
  • Michael G. McCullough to Laura L. Fortune, 1 acre, deed book 1172, page 546, $154,000.
  • Barbara F. Harper to Ginger C. Abbott, 2 lots, Lake Caroline, $351,262.
  • Clarence Ray Kittrell estate to James J. Wyne, lot, Lake Land’Or, $189,900.
  • Ronald J. Perry to Joseph Obermeier, 2 lots, Lake Caroline, $525,000.
  • Richard D. Lund to Jefferson D. Little, lot, deed book 1172,  page 734, $155,100.
  • Mike Rollins to Verona Wayland, site, Four Winds, $2,000.
  • Sharon A. Porter to Fred Stodgel, site, Four Winds, $15,000.
  • Angela E. OMalley to Joshua Sickles, parcel, deed book 1172, page 808, $131,500.
  • The Secretary of Housing and Urban to Rick Underwood, parcel, Jericho, $92,000.
  • James D. Stewart to Matthew Alvarey, lot,  Lake Caroline, $106,000.
  • Jesse Lawrence Love to Elizabeth Cain, lot, Blantons, $367,500.
  • Fannie Mae to Dadwin Hernandez Garcia, part of two lots, White subdivision,  $50,000.
  • Burton J. Francour to Steven Noakes, lot, Lake Caroline, $182,450.
  • Abraham Perez to Derek P. Slusher, lot, Lake Land’Or, $184,950.
  • Thompson Building Corp. to Ross E. Farmer, lot, Caroline Village, $225,000.
  • Joeeph A. Scott to Samuel D. Frye, lot, Town of Bowling Green, $234,000.
  • Foundation Residential LLC to Andrew D. Gross, lot, Lake Land’Or, $174,000.
  • US Bank National Assoc. to Sherri Boutchyard, 11.59 acres, Paige Road, $205,000.
  • Richard D. Nicholson to Edward D. Barlow, 10 acres, Bowling Green District, $64,000.
  • Nancy C. Mickelson to Keith R. Rathbun, lot, deed book 1173, page 513, $355,000.
  • Daniel Mihoc to Branden M. Kirtley, lot, Lake Caroline, $135,000.
  • Martha P. Lewis to Eric Hathaway, 1.13 acres, U.S. 1, $20,000.
  • J.L. McPhaíl Sr. to Stephen Odell, lot, Caroline Pines, $125,000.
  • Ernest Wildon Terrell to Paul J. Beach, 263.86 acres, Bowling Green District $146,550.
  • Alliance Bank to Curtis L. Jones, lot, Lake Land’Or, $6,000.
  • Denali Capital Group LLC to Robert J. Messing, lot, Pendleton, $231,095.
  • Terry Sanders to Natalie A. Tittle, lot, Lake Caroline, $125,000.
  • Christopher H. Knicely to Shawn Allen Sillman, parcel, 2.95 acres, deed book 1173, page 990, $235,000.
  • Denali Capital Group LLC to Megan L. Johnson, lot, Pendleton, $204,004.
  • Sandra Beazley, trustee, to Benjamin H. Childress, lot, Blatt subdivision, $128,000.
  • Paul D. Irwin to Avery J. Moran, 8.6 acres, Reedy Church District, $255,000.
  • Toby Brown to Alvaro Hernandez, 2 acres, Reedy Church District, $6,022.
  • Denali Capital Group LLC to Walter L. Green Jr., lot,  Pendleton, $228,018.
  • The Free Lance–Star Publishing to Free Lance–Star Tower LLC, 23.97 acres, State Route  601, $652,210.
  • Stuart C. Davis to Benjamin C. Knott, 2 lots, Lake Land’Or, $167,000.
  • Joshua T. McDonald to Alethea F. Anthony, 1.16 acres,  $199,950.
  • Adam D. Robertson to Jose L. Larroy Colon, lot, Lake Land’Or, $209,000.
  • Randall W. Scott to Lester G. Carter III, lot,  Lake Caroline, $88,000.
  • Kim T. Hillstrom to Shaun M. Knepoer, lot, Lake Caroline, $210,000.
  • Spear Builders of Virginia Inc. to Craig L. Russell, lot, Ladysmith Village, $262,538.
  • Denali Capital Group LLC to Larry A. Hamilton, lot, Pendleton, $208,942.
  • Edwin C. Hicks to Holly Gillespie, lot, Lake Land’Or, $132,000.
  • Simon Dunk to Kendall L. Fancher, lot, Broadhurst Acres, $200,500.