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Caroline deeds, April 2014

The following deeds were recorded in Caroline County Circuit Court in April 2014:
  • Dorothy K. Koval to Kenneth R. Summers, interest in 161.75 acres,  deed book 1167, page 333, $50,000.
  • Alfred Elam Amstutz to Lauren M. Cassetta, lot, deed book 1167, page 338, $97,500.
  • Kelly J. Phillips to Capathia M. Rey, lot, deed book 1167, page 358,  $283,000.
  • Jerry L. Camarillo Jr. to Jerry L. Camarillo Sr., lot, Lake Land’Or, $172,300.
  • Ivan M. Cowger III to John D. Whitaker, deed book 1167, page  400, $235,000.
  • Lynn Volpe to Roderick H. Smith, lot, 22.3 acres, deed book 1167, page 428, $75,000.
  • J. Steven Conti to Hayat Jouhari, lot, Lake Caroline, $30,000.
  • Tracy Lunceford to Jaime C. Morris, parcel, southwest side of Church Street, Milford, $84,500.
  • Stephen K. Christenson, trustee, to FFC Properties LLC, lot, Lake Land’Or, $123,700.
  • George M. Williams to Troy Dean Cook, lot, Portobago Bay, $324,500.
  •  Foundation Residential LLC to Alan Jason Faulkner, lot, Lake Caroline, $165,500.
  • Taylor B. Allen Jr. to Gilman Land & Timber LLC, 250 acres, deed book 1167, page 696, $320,000.
  • Anthony T. Parker to Christopher A. Jenkins, lot, Cedar Woods, $161,000.
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban to Hashim Nazarei, 3.49 acres, deed book 1167, page 734, $42,660.
  • Foundation Residential to Omar S. Ibrahim, lot, Madison District, $165,900.
  • Page  Butler to Arthur C. Ferreira, 2 lots, Corner View Estates, $145,000.
  •  Atlantic  Builders Ltd. to Ashley Lauren Marland, lot, Ladysmith Village Center, $161,500.
  • Atlantic Builders Ltd. to Sarah Kathleen Moran, lot, Ladysmith Village Center, $169,900.
  • Thompson Building Corporation to Kemal Kurtulus, lot, Caroline Village, $205,000.
  • Ronald D. Webb to Robert M. Glass, lot, Lake caroline, $165,500.
  •  MB Partners LLC to  Jonathan Blackwell, lot, Lake Land’Or, $160,000.
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank to The Secretary of Housing and Urban, 2.04 acres, deed book 1167, page  960, $126,898.
  • Geoffrey G. Goodale to Michael L. Buttrey, lot, Lake Land’Or, $153,000.
  •  Ann Elizabeth Prutzman to Harold N. Satterwhite, lot, Lake Land’Or, $199,000.
  • Richard M. Adamek to Frank J. Daig Jr., 1 acre, Reedy Church District, $142,000.
  • Elliott Herald to Charles W. Randall, lot, Belmont, $195,000.
  •  Mahoney Living Trust to Elizabeth Hise, lot, Campbells Creek Village, $121,000.
  • Gerald Lynn Huff to Caroline Pines Property Owners, lot, Caroline Pines, $7,878.
  •  Gerald Lynn Huff to Caroline Pines Property Owners, lot, Caroline Pines, $4,014.
  • Gerald Lynn Huff to Caroline Pines Proerty Owners, lot, Caroline Pines, $4,014.
  • Gerald Lynn Huff to Caroline Pines Property Owners, lot, Caroline Pines, $4,014.
  • Terrence J. Witt to Warren A. Griffith, lot, Lake Caroline, $174,000.
  • Kristin K. Bishop to Nicholas Adam, lot, Lake Land’Or, $186,000.
  • Sorin Mihalcea to Jonathan E.A. Jordan, lot, Lake Land’Or, $240,000.
  • B&K Property Investors LLC to Russell W. Redinger, lot, Reedy Church District, $170,000.
  • Cleveland M. Robeson to Edward Robeson, 3.19 acres on State Route 652, $154,000.
  • Juan T. Budd to Jacqueline Monroe, lot, Hilldale Heights, $6,500.
  • Aimee M. West to Michael P. Russ, lot, Lake Caroline, $185,000.
  • George F. Scott Jr. to Robert Fleischauer, lot, Lake Caroline, $212,500.
  • Fannie Mae to Michelle Samuels, lot, Lake Caroline, $123,400.
  • God of A Second Chance Inc. to Jonathan Mays, 4 lots, Sunnyside, $5,000.
  • Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to David Peck, 44.9 acres, deed book 1169, page 060, $365,000.
  • FFC Properties LLC to Anthony Leon Whitten Jr., lot,  Lake Land’Or, $150,000.
  • Fannie Mae to James Cecil, 58.5 acres,  deed book 1169, page 177, $35,000.
  • Foundation Residential LLC to Jennifer R. Cox, parcel, Doggetts Fork Road,  $115,900.
  • Caroline Pines Property Owners to Matthew Dalton Covert, lot, Caroline Pines, $691.
  • David G. Harrison to Mark Vangorder, lot, Lake Caroline, $10,000.
  • NNP IV-Ladysmith LLC to Atlantic Builders Ltd.,  2 lots, Ladysmith Village, $75,000.
  • Henry Boggs Wright Jr. to Dwight Sloan Hess, site, Four Winds, $1,000.
  • Carroll Douglas Proffìt Trust to Stewart A. Wenhold III, lot, Proffit, $265,000.
  • James A. Gouldìn Jr. to Santee Holdings LLC, 72 acres, deed book 1169, page 504, $246,000.
  • Branch Banking & Trust Co . to K.&C. Equity Partners LLC, lot, Lake Land’Or, $62,000.
  • K&C Equity Partners LLC to Steve Miller, lot, Lake Land’Or, $80,000.
  • Samuel John Smith to Joseph Y. Hoffman, lot, Caroline Pines, $96,000.
  • Joyce Hinken to Lynda K. Franklin, site, Four Winds, $17,000.
  • Sandra Pitcher to Bessie Ann Musselman, site, Four Winds, $1,000.
  •  Daniel T. Sava to Atonio Jordan, lot, Lake Land’Or, $190,000.
  • John N. Johnson to Leonard A. Rainier, lot, Lake Land’Or, $124,000.
  • Robert Lee Míller Jr. to Ronald James Nash Jr., parcel, JC Haley, $50,000.
  • Heather Charnock to Paul Crockford, lot, Caroline Pines, $82,500.