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Caroline deeds, October 2013

The following deeds were recorded in Caroline County Circuit Court in October 2013:

  • PMC Red Financing Tr. to Mark Bradley, 10.16 acres, Bowling Green District, $109,900.
  • Justin Ross Franklin to Addison G. Willis III, 10.58 acres, deed book 1152, page 462, $392,500.
  • Bruce P. Brown to Corey W. Novotny, lot, Pitts, Bowling Green District, $280,000.
  • Mark C. Willis, Exor,  to Randolph F. Phillips, 3.27 acres, Madison District, $307,500.
  • NNP IV–Ladysmith LLC to Christopher @ Ladysmith, lot, Ladysmith Village, $17,494.
  • Christopher @ Ladysmith LLC to Sharon S. Lacy, lot, Ladysmith Village, $220,840.
  • Jeffrey Alexander to Valerie L. Sharps, lot, Pendleton, $135,000.
  • William H. Eubank  to Thomas Wayne Eubank, 2 lots, Port Royal District, $26,000.
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban to Christopher R. Marion, 1 acre, Madison District, $48,100.
  • Denali Capital Group LLC to James E. Dolbow, lot, Pendleton, $229,900.
  • Lorenna Freeman to Ironsteed LLC, 10 acres, Reedy Church District, $58,000.
  • First Community Bank to Adam Copenhaver, lot, Martin subdivision, $10,000.
  • Gordon Dawkins Arnold Jr. to Majorie A. Morgan, lot, Lake Land’Or, $145,000.
  • Rebecca Weese to Linda Oliver, site, Four  Winds, $6,000.
  • Independence Realty LLC to Michael Smith, lot, Reedy Church District, $120,000.
  • Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Sandra S. Malcolm, lot, Ladysmith Village, $207,000.
  • George Bryan Sprint Jr. to Secretary of Housing and Urban, lot, Belmont, $237,439.
  • NNP IV Ladysmith LLC to Christopher @ Ladysmith LLC, lot, Ladysmith Village, $21,421.
  • Christopher @ Ladysmith LLC to Jamal Johnson, lot, Ladysmith Village, $217,860.
  • Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to James Cecil, lot, Meadowview, $12,000.
  • Matthew Warne to Brian S. Ritchie, lot, Lake Caroline, $135,000.
  • Stephen Mullins to Janice F. Abbott, site, Four Winds, $5,000.
  • Select Property Solutions to Francisco Lopez, Metes and Bounds, $85,000.
  • Alba Salazar Pizzani to Foundation Residential LLC, 0.25 acre, deed book 1153, page 713, $58,399.
  • Jimmie R. Erwin to Roland Wayne Roberts, site, Four Winds, $450.
  • Fannie Mae to Rodney Carter, parcel, Bowling Green District, $123,500.
  • Albert John Williams to Michael Allen Moritz, 2.9 acres, deed book 1153, page 815, $180,000.
  • Victoria W. Koch to Joseph Blondino, lot, Bowling Green Park, $240,000.
  • Margo G. Agee to David T. Hebel, lot, Lake Caroline, $280,000.
  • Citizens and Farmers Bank to Michael P. McQuade, living trust, 0.5  acre, Telegraph Road, $6,000.
  • James A. Chisholm Sr. to Russell Hussey, lot, Little Meadow, $245,000.
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban to Elsie M. Adrian, 3 lots, deed book  1154, page 005, $78,000.
  • Earl T. Templeton, trustee, to Skoura LLC, lot, Ladysmith Road, $1,383,928.
  • Douglas S. Young to John D. Adamson Jr., 8.32 acres, deed book 1154, page 080, $170,000.
  • Nicole Wisniewski to Donald Peter Wisniewski, lot, Ladysmith Village, $163,000.
  • Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jack L. Greene II, lot, Holly Ridge Estates, $219,900.
  • Atlantic Builders Ltd.  to Alisha Tamar Jones, lot, Ladysmith Village, $175,000.
  • US Bank National Assoc. to James Corker, lot, E.B. Allen, $110,000.
  • Timothy A. Riley to Paige L. Chandler, lot, Dr. Flegeneimers, $555,000.
  • FFC Properties LLC to Sharon Elaine Wheeler, lot, Lake Land’Or, $186,500.
  • Norma Guss Bell, administrator, to Mary E. Anderson, 2.19 acres, Bowling Green District, $165,000.
  • Caroline Business Park Partner to Hugh A. Jones, trustee, 1 acre on U.S. 1, $25,000.
  • George Stephen Bobrosky to HDS Real Estate Investments, 1.44 acres, Madison District, $9,000.
  • Anthony Smithers to Leslie Heflin, 2 acres, Reedy Church District, $25,000.
  • Don H. Turner to Roderick Procario, 44.33 acres, Carneal Estates, $115,000.
  • Sherry Malinda Paige to Eric G. Robinson, 5 acres, Madison District, $45,000.
  • F&J Holdings LLC to Benjamin F. Puffenbarger, 11.85 acres, Madison District, $17,858.
  • Foundation Residential LLC to Blake Huggins, lot, Lake Land’Or, $118,000.
  • Foundation Residential LLC to Karl Unbehagen, lot, Lake Land’Or, $189,000.
  • Jesse D. Lawrence to Anthony J. Williams, lot, Lake Caroline, $168,000.
  • Stacey L. Blankenship to Richard Longfellow, 10 acres, deed book 1155, page 001,  $301,500.
  • Foundation Residential LLC to Fred A. Wilson Jr., parcel, deed book 1155, page 004,  $185,000.
  • Edward C. Vanover Jr. to Richard A. Klein, site, Four Winds, $1,000.
  • Edward C. Vanover Jr. to Richard A. Klein, site, Four Winds, $1,000.
  • James Cecil to Total Holdings Group LLC, lot, Meadowview subdivision, $20,000.
  • Federal National Mortgage Association to Foundation Residential LLC, 4 acres, deed book 1155, page 128, $55,000.
  • Jeffrey L. Hummer to Gary Lee Kushner, lot, Lake Land’Or, $213,900.
  • Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Roberto Jacobs, lot, Waite subdivision, $75,000.
  • Spear Building of Va. Inc. to Jeremy E. Collier, lot, Ladysmith Village, $230,000.
  • US Bank National Association to Cory Newman, lot, Belmont, $189,900.
  • US Bank National Association to Myong C. Krieghoff, lot, Lake Caroline, $93,000.
  • HSBC Bank USA, National Association to New Property Managers LLC, lot, Whispering Pines Estates, $78,500.
  • Kimberly C. Wright to James R. Cecil Jr., 4.08 acres, Bowling Green District, $100,000.
  • Katie J. Brooks to Colleen Schamber, lot, Campbell Creek Village, $100,000.