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Caroline County deeds, September 2013

The following deeds were recorded in Caroline County Circuit Court in September 2013:

  • Whitney I. Staples to Lindsey Keen, lot, Lake Land’Or, $130,000.
  • William M. Stewart to Catherine L. Gnadt, site, Four Winds, $6,000.
  • Raymond L. Tuck to Independence Realty LLC, lot, Lake Caroline, $105,000.
  • Foundation Residential LLC to Michele R. Magaw, 2 acres, Caroline, $164,900.
  • Atlantic Builders Ltd.  to Sean Patrick Murray, lot, Ladysmith Village, $213,900.
  • Raymond Fields to Foundation Residential, 1.35 acres, Clinton Fields, $15,500.
  • Patricia C. Sherwood to Stephanie P. Price, lot, Lake Caroline, $137,500.
  •  Home Investors of America Inc. to Jeffery M. Hensley, lot, Mt. Pleasant Village, $138,750.
  • Patricia Brannigan to Tatiana Stoecket, lot, Lake Caroline, $195,000.
  • Denali Capital Group LLC to Krista L. Lyford, lot, Pendleton, $181,900.
  • Keith E. McCarthy to Carl Ardleigh, 10.07 acres, Doswell Estates, $326,700.
  • Federal National Mortgage Association to Anne Pellar, lot, Lake Land’Or, $109,000.
  • Lesa Rice Broaddus to Pratt Woods LLC, Metes and Bounds, deed book 1150, page 392, $257,631.
  • The Secretary of Housing and Urban to Jose M. Santos, lot, Lake Land’Or, $120,100.
  • Orrock, executor of the estate to Kathy Orrock, lot, Madison District, $115,000.
  •  Ronald Madray to William P. Smith, lot, Bowling Green District, $23,000.
  •  Cheryl Fells Davis to Antwoine D. White, 8.25 acres, deed book 1150, page 512, $250,000.
  • Stephen Aycock to Jeffry E. Berner, lot, Ladysmith Village, $239,900.
  •  Katherine L. Storke to Robert H. McElroy, lot, Bowling Green Town, $30,000.
  • Jason Roche to Shah Zahory, lot, Lake Land’Or, $133,000.
  • Virginia Housing Development to Brittany Wheeler, lot, Lake Land’Or, $99,900.
  • Kevin M. Vangorder to Melvin Junior Minor, lot, Caroline Pines, $143,000.
  • Chai Dienstbier to Sukanya Palaart, 5.22 acres, Concord Road, $35,000.
  • Pearl H. Richards to Lamarcus Lee, 0.84 acre, deed book 1150, page 901, $10,000.
  • Carrina Davis–Chaney to Eric Hilldrup, 3.41 acres, deed book 1150, page 932, $30,000.
  • William C. Myers to CMH Homes Inc., 2 acres, Reedy Church District, $23,950.
  • Eugenia Cosby to Ramon Diaz Mata, lot, Caroline Pines, $134,000.
  • Henry T. Fitting to Corey D. Sprouse, lot, Lake Caroline, $166,000.
  • Caroline Pines Property Owners to Kenneth Conley, lot, Caroline Pines, $2,100.
  • Atlantic Builders Ltd.  to Paolo Andres Arellano, lot, Ladysmith Village, $219,900.
  • Wayne Denton Pickett to Jamey Lewchinin, lot, Meadowview, $116,500.
  • Mary L. Whittaker to Sarah Barnard, 8.77 acres, State Route 647, $37,000.
  • Four Winds Club Inc. to John Walter Amick, site, Four Winds, $3,000.
  • Sharon Cole to Four Winds Club Inc., site, Four Winds, $500.
  • Tricord Inc. to Carl F. Ballagh, lot, Pendleton, $337,408.
  • Lawrence J. Reynolds to Roderick Procario, 63.72 acres, Carneal Estates, $190,000.
  • B&K Property Investors LLC to Kevin L. Wellerman, 2 acres, Reedy Church District, $179,900.
  • Jerry D. Voss to Eric T. Spat, lot, Lake Caroline, $240,000.
  • Dorothy Gustafson to Linda Oliver, site, Four Winds, $2,000.
  • David Couse to Elizabeth Anne Byrnes, lot, Lake Land’Or, $185,000.
  • The Secretary of Housing & Urban to Gold Dale Investment LLC, 1 acre, White Hall, $107,800.
  • Virginia Housing Development to EJCP, lot, Caroline Pines, $58,000.
  •  Citizens & Farmers Bank to Foundation Properties LLC, 2 lots, Caroline Pines, $3,500.
  • Tricord Inc. to Ronnie L. Morris Sr., lot, Pendleton, $323,515.
  • Jane Snidow–Lloyd to John F. Mader, parcel, deed book 1151, page 973, $185,000.
  • Lisa A. Walker to Lowell Oliver, site, Four Winds, $2,000.
  • Willie Wooldridge, trustee,  to Judith Beaudette, 2.549 acres, Reedy Church District, $48,000.
  • Independence Realty LLC to Michael Gregory Hart, lot, Lake Caroline, $125,500.
  • Sharon L. Osborne to Foundation Residental LLC, lot, Lake Land’Or, $105,000.
  • Ashley J. Barker to Anne Marie Bartholomew, lot, Pendleton, $127,000.
  • Mark S. Sullivan to Christopher S. Freeman, lot, Bowling Green District, $115,500.
  • Denali Capital Group LLC to Robert L. Harrison II, lot, Pendleton, $254,093.
  • Francis E. Mroz, trustee, to John T. Markham, trustee, lot,  Broadhurst Acres, $177,000.
  • Atlantic Builders Ltd.  to John Michael Jones, lot, Ladysmith Village, $216,350.