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King George deeds, September 2013

The following deeds were recorded in King George County Circuit Court in September 2013:

  • Ruth Nelson Sallay, Robert H. Nelson, Belinda Moody Wiley, Kevin B. Moody, Sharon Nelson, Regina White Ford, Lorraine Jones White, Charles W. White and Annie Stubbs White to Darryl S. Breitenstein,  12.5 acres, Potomac District,  $93,500.
  • FFC Properties LLC to Ronald Allan Sidney Sr., 4.14 acres, Potomac District,  $395,000.
  • Hazel Homes LLC to Jin Hui Zhang and Yao Jin Huang, lot 113, section 1, Hopyard Farm,  $359,900.
  • Surety Trustees LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 9.13 acres, Potomac District,     $263,535.
  • Kristofer E. Parker to Joshua Dalton and Ashley Kaye Jackson, 2 parcels, Shiloh District,  $215,000.
  • Patrick A. and Kathleen M. Tague to Derek M. Horrigan, 3.78 acres, Potomac District, lot 59, Section 2, KG on the Potomac, $325,000.
  • Hales–Hamilton Enterprises Inc. to Weston Homes Inc., 2.17 acres, Rappahannock District,    $62,500.
  • Samuel I. White P.C., substitute trustee,  and Carroll Gordon White to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, 1 acre,  Potomac District,  $69,900.
  • Payne Street LLC to Hazel Homes LLC, lots 102 and 122, section 1, Hopyard Farm, lot 178A,   $338,100.
  • Benjamin L. Harrison to Donald A. and Rosemary E. Bilodeau, lot 45, section 4, Oakland Park, Potomac District, $124,000.
  • Foundation Homes Inc. to John T. and Melissa E. Krile, lot 33, section 12, Presidential Lakes,  $265,500.
  • Philip D. and Beth A. Motzer to James J. and Ora A. Corrow, lot 96, section 14, Presidential Lakes,     $290,000.
  • Equity Trustees LLC, substitute trustee,  and Gregner J. Keys to Wells Fargo Bank NA, lot 21, section 1, Presidential Village Townhouses,  $63,200.
  • Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia, substitute trustee,  and William and Britten Hottell to FFC Properties LLC, lot  40, Canterbury,  $281,902.
  • Richard W. Bumbrey and Judith B. Jagbir, formerly Bumbrey, to Darrell D. Hertenstein, 2 parcels, Potomac District,  $250,000.
  • Jesse S. and Alyssa L. Dilbeck to Weston Homes Inc., lot 4, Shiloh District, 10.26 acres,   $65,000.
  • Nancy Lee Accipiter to Foundation Homes Inc., lots 34, 35 and 36, section 14, Presidential Lakes,    $63,000.
  • Leonard J. and Sylvia M. Fontenot to James T. Morris and Elizabeth M. Anetz, lot 6, Strawberry Hills,  $330,000.
  • Marion C. and Alice Pope McGill to Westbrooke Homes LLC, lot 22, section 1, King George on the Potomac, Potomac District,  $76,500.
  • Michael Brody Jr. to Progressive Communities LLC, 2  parcels, Potomac District,   $113,500.
  • Brookehaven LLC to Party Walls Inc., lot 18, Brookehaven, Rappahannock District,   $60,000.
  • Carey L. Nicholson to Richard A. Amador and Omarelis Rivera, lot 134, section 14, Presidential Lakes,  $230,000.
  • Gary M. and Catherine A. Evans to James D. Thomas Jr. and Kristen M. Thomas, lot 179, section 1, Monmouth Village, Potomac District,  $275,000.
  • Alfred R. and Kari L. Hanson to Ya Lun Li and Sarah Ann Spackman Li, 2.49 acres, Potomac District, parcel L, Fox Run,   $350,000.
  • Hazel Homes LLC to Sultan A. and Dana E. Muhammad, lot 15, section 1, Hopyard Farm,  $395,475.
  • Hazel Homes LLC to Sean David and Carly Jo Sweeney, lot 169A, section 2, Hopyard Farm,  $309,900.
  • Atlantic Trustee Services LLC, substitute trusee,  and Daphne K. Poole to Ally Bank, lot 69, section 11, Oakland Park,    $181,600.
  • Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia, substitute trustee,  and James E. Peyton, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 16.69 acres, Potomac District,    $113,320.
  • John H. Meyers, trustee of St. John’s Episcopal Church of Hanover Parish, to David F. Clare and Beverley C. Coates,  26.33 acres, Rappahannock District,    $80,300.
  • Jean K. Kellogg, trustee of the Marcia B. Kemper Trust to Gray Construction Inc., 2 parcels, Potomac District,   $25,500.
  • Payne Street LLC to Hazel Homes LLC, several lots, sections 1 and 2, Hopyard Farm, $458,850.
  • Hazel Homes LLC to Justin D. Smith, lot 141A, section 2, Hopyard Farm,   $340,580.
  • Foundation Homes Inc. to Oracio and Tina Marie Aguilar, lot 165, section 14, Presidential Lakes,  $274,000.
  • Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.  to Donald and Roberta Land, lot 177, section 14, Presidential Lakes,  $230,000.
  • Weston Home Inc. to Joseph A. Hands, III and Charisse L. Hands, 2.21 acres, Shiloh District,   $320,448.
  • David L. and Lisa Ringuette to Francis S. Wise III and Robyn Y. Wilson, lot 55, section 9, Oakland Park,  $275,000.

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