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Caroline County deeds, December 2012

The following deeds were recorded in December 2012 in Caroline County:

  • United States of America to Shane Lemay, lot, Lake Land’Or, $100,000.
  • NNP IV–Ladysmith LLC to Christopher at Ladysmith LLC, Ladysmith Village, lot, $30,458.
  • Christopher @ Ladysmith LLC to Earl Timothy Harris Jr., lot, Ladysmith Village, $304,578.
  • James A. Brad to Christopher Flora, 2 lots, Town of Bowling Green, $100,000.
  • Lynn Marie Lunsford to Andrew G. Coelho, parcel, Town of Bowling Green, $360,000.
  • Margaret Frances Pickett to Billy R. Hebert, 53.75 acres, Madison District, $40,000.
  • Daniel M. Boersig to Juanac Logan, lot, Caroline Pines, $6,000.
  • Roger W. Chatman to Branden A. Chatham, lot, Four Winds, $1,000.
  • Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban, lot, Lake Caroline, $235,882.
  • Roberb J. Basso to Barbara A. Hill, lot, Four Winds, $1,600.
  • K&C Properties LLC to James M. Fleet, lot, Lake Land’Or, $144,900.
  • Fannie Mae, also known as  Federal National to Barbara J. Springstroh, lot, Lake Caroline, $105,900.
  • Bowling Green Plaza LLC to Suso 1 Bowling Green LP, 631 acres, deed book 1115, $2,828,631.
  • Virginia Housing Development to Foundation Residential, 2 lots, Caroline Pines, $53,000.
  • Engenberto Gomez to Maronda D. Jernigan, lot, Lake Land’Or, $121,600.
  • ADR Ventures LLC to James M. Johnson, 1.36 acres, Madison District, $135,000.
  • Marequity Inc. to James Cecil, lot, Lake Land’Or, $93,000.
  • Susan Esther Jacobson Crane to Richard A. Moorman, lot, Caroline Pines, $75,000.
  • Cheryl L. Honeycutt to Duane L. Jacobs, lot, Lake Land’Or, $170,000.
  • Cheryl Fells Davis to CMH Homes Inc., deed book 1115, page 874, $60,000.
  • NNP IV–Ladysmith LLC to Atlantic Builders Ltd., 2 lots, Ladysmith Village, $50,000.
  • Melvin P. Bryant Jr. to Paul R. Shannon, 20.7 acres,  Bowling Green District, $75,000.
  • 19435 Jefferson Davis LLC to Rhonda H. Ruffin, 1 acre, Madison District, $266,100.
  • Anthony Kenneth Whittaker to Travis D. Jones, lot, Caroline Pines, $118,500.
  • Thompson Building Corp. to Joshua K. Pastell, lot, Caroline Village, $200,000.
  • NNP IV–Ladysmith LLC to Christopher at Ladysmith, Ladysmith Village, lot, $30,448.
  • Christopher at Ladysmith to Lorin Rhaney, lot, Ladysmith Village, $394,479.
  • Thomas E. Price Jr. to Mark V. Blackwell, lot, Lake Caroline, $144,500.
  • Caroline Pines Property Owners to Kevin M. Vangorder, lot, Caroline Pines, $1,000.
  • Agnes Hassell, Adm., to Patricia Sizer Carver, 3.03 acres, Madison District, $27,000.
  • Agnes Hassell, Adm., to Johnny A. Sizer Sr., 12.53 acres, Madison District, $54,000.
  • Agnes Hassell, Adm., to Robert S. Sizer, 1.03 acres, Madison District, $45,000.
  • Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Walter Puent, lot, Lake Caroline, $87,500.
  • Anthony R. Hargadon to Brandon L. Smith, lot, Lake Caroline, $74,000.
  • William R. Beach Jr. to John Randolph Douberly, 11.11 acres, deed book 1116, page 685, $170,000.
  • Virginia Credit Union Inc. to William Kirk Downing, lot, Catalpac, $224,600.
  • Virginia Nationstar Mortgage to Foundation Residential LLC, 7.69 acres, Port Royal District, $51,000.
  • Oscar Martinez to Nona Investments LLC, lot, Lake Land’Or, $70,000.
  • Denali Capital Group LLC to Christopher A. Hines, lot, Pendleton, $295,721.
  • 3337 LLC to Brandon L. Hackett, lot, Belmont, $140,300.
  • The Bowling Green Farm LLC to Maraluz, Badoa Mareno, 126 acres, deed book 1117, page 072,  $999,999.
  • Foundation Residential LLC to Amy L. McGlone, 1 acre, Port Royal District, $135,000.
  • Cantrell Builders Inc. to Deborah Atkinson, lot, Townfield, $155,000.
  • Frank Simpson Tulloss IV to Charles A. Hubbard, lot, Caroline Pines, $63,000.
  • Scott R. Sanders to Colby Lee Rice, lot, Lake Land’Or, $135,000.
  • Cantrell Builders Inc. to Leonard Kowall, lot, Townfield, $200,000.
  • Foundation Properties LLC to Foundation Homes Inc., lot, Lake Land’Or, $30,000.
  • Robert J. Zaluski to Diane Deibel, lot, Lake Land’Or, $143,900.
  • Frank Theodore Seal to Thomas J. Brazier, 70 acres, Reedy Church District, $210,000.
  • G.H. Watts Construction Co. Inc. to Catherine Montanya, 0.58  acre, Town of Bowling Green, $196,257.
  • Federal National Mortgage Corp. to James Cowger Sr., lot, Twin Cedars, $54,000.
  • Shawn M. Harrell to Joel R. Alvarey, lot, Heritage Pines, $96,200.