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Fredericksburg resident wins patent for women’s hygiene product

Jacqueline M. Morrow of Fredericksburg has received a patent for an invention involving feminine hygiene, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced today. Click here for details. Here is an abstract:

The tampon applicator assembly includes a tampon applicator section, an outer housing section, and a plunger section. The combined tampon applicator section and plunger section function as a conventional plunger-type tampon applicator. The outer housing section includes a sleeve with a proximal portion and a distal portion. The (distal) insertion end of the tampon applicator section essentially fits inside the proximal portion of the sleeve, and the distal portion of the sleeve is designed to accommodate a feminine hygiene product, such as a pad, a disposable wipe, a towelette disposal mitt, a simple disposal bag, and other products associated with menstruation.

In addition, the USPTO announced today that Benjamin-Fausto S. Thielman of Fredericksburg and Gerhard W. Thielman of Spotsylvania have received a patent for a spherical armored mobile platform developed for the U.S. Navy. Click here for details. Here is an abstract:

A spherical armored mobile platform (SAMP) is provided for at least one operator to enable protected entry and egress from a militarily hostile environment. The SAMP includes a spherical shell, an armored cockpit and a set of wheels. The spherical shell has inner and outer surfaces and features a plurality of cavities that extend therethrough. The cockpit houses a seat, a guidance controller, a display console, and an electric motor connected to a power supply. The cockpit is contained within said shell. The seat is designed to receive the operator. The wheels are driven by the motor and structurally supported by the cockpit. The wheels engage the inner surface and turn in response to the motor. The cavities are disposed within three-sided boundaries of a geodesic dome. The SAMP can further include a plurality of optical sensors disposed on the cockpit, and a signal integrator to present temporally concatenated visual signals into a mosaic at the display console. The SAMP can also include a projectile-firing gun mounted to the cockpit, and a trigger control to enable actuation of the gun in response to the projectile exiting the sphere at an instance that coincides with a cavity of the plurality of cavities. The SAMP includes a steering mechanism that turns orientation direction of the fore lower and aft upper wheels. The SAMP includes a door on the cockpit that slides between first open and closed positions, and a hatch on the sphere that hinges between second open and closed positions.

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