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Firearms dealer opening store in Fredericksburg

Spotsylvania County-based firearms dealer SSG Tactical is opening a 3,750-square-foot retail store at the Westwood Office Park off State Route 3 in Fredericksburg, said Chris Waller, a commercial real estate agent who handled the lease negotiations for Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer. The company will sell firearms and related accessories at the store, and will also provide firearms-related classes there (range-related instruction will be elsewhere). SSG frequently attends area gun shows and has an active website, but this will be the first retail location for the company in its 20-year history. SSG is currently building out the storefront and expects to open sometime in July, Waller said.


  • Kyle

    This is excellent news. too many people believe that guns are taboo, the more law abiding citizens that own guns, the better this place is. SSG has a great name in the firearms community.

  • Rufus`

    This is good, but President Obama wants stricter gun control, with confiscation like Washington DC.

  • Henna O’Shea

    How wonderful, a store that sells killing opening in the city.

  • Mike

    Sells killing? Ha! that’s great. Made me smile a little bit there. WalMart and Lowes sell paint so why aren’t all the houses in the area sparking and new? There are gyms and fitness retailers all over the area, yet I’m still overweight. Maybe if there was a \Perfect World\ store, we could all sleep better at night because obviously whatever retail product or service is offered, that’s exactly where our society will trend. We are sheep, violent, violent sheep. Thanks for the eye opening viewpoint.

  • Chris

    Sells Killing? I look at it as a store that sells protection

  • Nathan Rose

    Wow really?!?! Obviously O’Shea has never read the Constitution or talked to any military personnel OR read ANY history for that matter…”Killers” don’t buy guns from gun stores or reputable dealers. Wake up already.

  • Rob

    “Sells killing”? Dammit. My guns must be defective then. Guess I’ll drive up to Fredricksburg to get me some killin’ ones.

    Henna O’Shea’s comment is moronic.

  • VAModMember

    O’Shea, there is an old but true joke that “My gun has killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy’s car”. The simple truth is thaat guns are nothing more than tools and it is up to the user to make the decision as to how they will be used, not the gun itself.

  • eric davis

    Well it will be very nice to have an other choice in the market to purchase fireamrs from..(for the ignorant see the Second Amendment)

  • Galen

    @O’ Shea…car lots sell killing (more people die in car accidents per year than by guns.) I own around 20 guns, nonn of them have ever killed anything…not even an animal. My truck has killed a few squirells…maybe we should ban cars! Moron.