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Cheeburger Cheeburger, Georgiou coming to Spotsy

A hamburger restaurant and women’s clothing store are coming to the Spotsylvania Towne Centre, property owner the Cafaro Co. announced today.

Cheeburger Cheeburger, a 1950s-style diner, is opening at The Village at Towne Centre. The Florida-based chain, which has four locations in the Richmond area and one near Dulles International Airport, has been named “best burger” in 29 cities. People who eat the 20-ounce cheeseburger get their photo on the “Wall of Fame.” The menu also features smaller burgers, shakes, salads, wraps, fries and onion rings. It is expected to open late this summer in a 2,200-square-foot facility with a patio behind Firebirds Wood Fired Grill.

Georgiou, which sells designer clothes for women, is opening in mid-May in a 1,300-square-foot store next to the JCPenney women’s store inside the Spotsylvania Towne Centre. That will be the California-based company’s first Virginia location.

Among the other new stores coming soon to the Towne Centre are Coach, Bare Esscentuals, Zumiez and Books-A-Million (which is opening where Joseph-Beth is now).

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  • tybill

    Really, did Fredericksburg need a Coach store? $385.00 is ridiculous for a purse!

  • andrew

    I love Cheeburger Cheeburger, good addition

  • J Brighton

    Great, just what Fredericksburg needs…another giant burger joint. Aren’t the people here fat enough as it is? I guess we’ll see more locals on the PeopleofWalmart website.

  • Mel

    I like the new additions!!! Awesome, finally getting some up scale places to shop instead of the Redneck store currently located in Spotsy. Need more places for people with class and style to shop..Awesome!!

  • Maxx

    What is the deal with this area and its obsession with burgers? How many places do we need to get a burger? We have Cheeseburger In Paradise, Steak and Shake, Red Robin, Five Guys, Sonic, Tito’s Diner, Checker’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Ruby Tuesday, Applebee’s, Chilis, Hardee’s. I know I’m leaving out a lot.

    Do the people of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania subsist primarily on a diet of ground beef, cheese and flour?

  • Mike

    What is the deal with this area and its people obsession with always trying to give people a hard time for just enjoying the simple things in life? If you don’t want a burger, don’t eat at a burger joint. If you want organic food, go to FoodE. If you don’t want to see fat people, look away.

    Do the people of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania subsist primarily on a diet of complaining about EVERYTHING?

  • Jerkules

    20 oz cheeseburger? Wat is that the appetizer? Bring on a real eating challenge!

  • Redneck

    Yeah, we’s be needin’ mo storeses fo us wif class an styles! Not no mo of dem Redneck storeses!

    Get over yourself Mel, losers like you that have infiltrated this entire area that think your turds don’t stink are what have turned this place into the craphole that it now is. Go back to the big city loser.

  • No Class

    Yeah yeah yeah! Gwon gits me some dem $500 Coach junks because I gots style!

  • Ms. P

    I agree with Mike…..can’t we just wish new businesses well- everyone is just trying to pay their bills. Every new place creates jobs- moms were right when they said “If you can’t say anything nice. don’t say anything at all.” It would be nice and quiet if people around here did that……….

  • kg citizen

    Its good to see that new stores etc are coming to the area. Regarding the comments of Maxx, he forgot to mention that now all we need is a Jack in the Box and an In-& Out burger.

  • staffordgirl

    Ha, its so nice to see that people like redneck and no class still exist in this area. Complete idiots!

    It’s nice to see Spotsy mall grow with the area. You got homes selling for 500k plus but you can’t buy a nice suit locally. It was quite boring before. Who wants to have to drive an hour to go get a nice dress for an event or good make up or a nice pair of dress shoes. Even the Macy’s doesn’t compare to the selection at others. I do agree that we really don’t need another burger place, especially one that sells 20oz burgers but whatever. I wont be eating the junk. It’s up to individuals to eat well and exercise. Guess the new hospitals will be busy.

    lol@J. Brighton…peopleofwalmart is right.

  • Isabel

    With an outlet Coach with 30% off coupons at Potomac Mills, will a full retail one in Spotsy really survive? Unless people just HAVE to have that newest purse, why wouldn’t they save a few hundred dollars and get a Coach bag at Potomac Mills?

  • It’s snowing outside

    The key-word is competition. I’ve been noticing some price wars at eateries.

    Are there any sites that have, peopleofMcDonalds?

  • Burke

    I had no idea that the average income of folks in this area was so high that there is a market for HIGH end stores.

  • Hungry

    Actually, I would love to see a second Steak N Shake. It is so hard to eat at the one we have!! All of the burger places offer so much more than just burgers! But, what is wrong with a good burger once in a while.

  • commonsensefxbg

    Five Guys is highly rated too, whole family avoids it! Bland burgers and ultra-greasy fries. yikes! Tried Steak & Shake, nice folks but slow service and food was okay. All these businesses starting up while others are going under. Makes me wonder what will happen with these in a few years. Good luck to them.

  • Nina_t0

    Hey, Fredericksburg is nice. It is pleasant and rural. Each person place or thing has a time a place for burgers, clothes, and coach bags. I walked at the village towne centre today and saw the housekeeper for the towne centre actually cleaning the lamp post! Competion is from Central Park. Although the Village is beautiful, it is competing with the Mall. Good luck FXB

  • newsjunkie

    Folks – it’s all about choices – let’s be glad we have some!

  • Happy

    Having lived here for 25+ years, and having had family here for generations…its so nice to have choices for shopping and eating. I can remember when Carlos O’Kelly’s or Ruby Tuesdays at the mall were your big two choices. Of course there was always the old Chinese rest. at 4 Mile Fork , which is now changed, or the “steak” place across the street from there…was that a Ponderosa? Holy smokes…thank goodness for more choices now!!!

  • Ted

    I wish we could bring in something like Fry’s Electonics, Tiger Direct or MicroCenter. With the military bases, colleges, and the number of technology jobs in the close proximity (or that people commute to everyday) it would be awesome to have a technology store nearby. Sure there are plenty of places to shop online, but then you have to wait, returns are a hassle, etc. Besy Buy and HHGregg just don’t cut it.