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Spotsylvania Planning Commission recommends Keswick rezoning

The Spotsylvania County Planning Commission voted last night to approve a rezoning request that would allow the Keswick development of apartments, townhouses, single-family homes and a new public park near the courthouse area. The county’s planning staff had recommended against the rezoning, as I wrote here. The matter will now go to the county’s Board of Supervisors, which has final say on whether to grant the rezoning of the 158-acre property from Agricultural 2 to Planned Development Housing 5. The hearing is expected in February.

Click here for more details on the proposed Keswick project and see tomorrow’s FLS for more.

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  • bhaas

    In very general terms our development/redevelopment process involves an application filed, a County staff analysis and recommendation, a PC discussion of the staff study and a recommendation, a public hearing somewhere along the line, and finally approval/disapproval by the BOS.

    Three groups (staff, PC and BOS) spend a great deal of time on behalf of the citizens. The public hearing may or may not be controversial. It seems to this observer that quite often these groups seem not to agree at all. Keswick is a case in point.

    What am I missing here?

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Bill, you’re not missing anything except the script each part of the parade are reading from. It’s a process, as in “due process” so as to keep everyone guessing while a foregone conclusion makes its way to the members of the County BOS, who work only for part time wages, while the full time staff labors away on elected officials directives. KESWICK serves only as a future consent agenga waiting to be made into another piece of the puzzle.

    Your instincts are good. It’s the follow through that keeps us at bay. The County’s FOUCUS GROUP, without minutes, is as much staff members of Spotsylvania County Government, as you are a concerned citizen. Since we have no say in what is accountable or transparent in local governace, I guess we’ll have to wait for the FLS to fill in the blanks.