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Quad/Graphics closing Spotsylvania County plant

Quad/Graphics Inc. will shut down its Spotsylvania County direct-mail plant, leading to the loss of about 300 local jobs. The Wisconsin-based company issued a press release today on the decision to close the plant by the end of January. Quad/Graphics leases the 165,000-square-foot plant at 4333 Davenport Road off U.S. 17 near the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. Employees were told of the decision today. The plant has been operational for decades.

Here is the article in today’s FLS.

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  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Are we keeping track of land-use agendas now surfacing at the Rt 17 Spotsy corridor?

  • navyorchid

    No worries….Spotsy will bring some new retail stores and restaurants to the area for those unemployed!!

  • Jeff

    wonder when the county is going to do something to attract businesses? Capital One, GM powertrain, Therma-Tru, Insteel, now quad graphics and simmons is floundering.

  • Roy

    Not to worry MORE resteraunts and retail stores will continue to open,,, WHO IS GOING TO EAT/SHOP there with NO JOB!?? The good jobs in this area are dwindling away… an NO ONE is noticing or at least none of the elected officials give a damn WHY? Tax $ from booming retail stores and restaraunts it will be a little to late when ALL them shut their doors! It’s time to vote those in the office OUT of their positions!

  • fastsharp

    Spotsylvania County, VA highest unemployment rate in the state. I lost my job over a year ago with no hope of ever getting it back. I feel for those at Quad/Graphics. What a wonderful Christmas present to be told you and 299 of your associates are being fired.

  • Samhere

    fastsharp you are wrong. Spotsy has one of the lowest unemployment rates. Almost half the national average.

  • MandaB81

    My Husband has been with them for 2 years and received the news this morning as his shift was ending. He was heartbroken as were many of the loyal employees who some had been there for 20 years and were up there in age and reality hits that they may never find another job. There were a lot of tears shed this morning as the news broke and alot of fears for what the future holds. Its a sad situation which was preventable only if the management at Quad would of stepped up to their responsibilities and ran there plant instead of sitting back watching it fall apart. Now 300+ people are going to flood the unemployment office come January. Thanks Quad for helping our economy!

  • August

    Remember those homeless disabled veterans on the street corner you yelled at to “Get a job you worthless bums”?

    Didn’t you listen to what they yelled back…..”You’re Next!”.

  • Mary Powers

    I don’t know if this will help any of these people, but my son came across this website, I joined too. I don’t work for them or anything like that. Working with them over the phone (which was nice for an older person like me) and through email, I had a clean professional resume in a few hours. I can call my career coach, update my resume, get advice, etc. for up to a year. They have lots of free tools for dealing with unemployment insurance, getting trade adjustment act grants, job search tools, salary calculators, etc. Hope this helps someone else. Its just so tough right now.

  • Keshia Hussey

    I am saddened by the news that I read regarding thePLANT CLOSING. It seems to be a daily occurrence in todays market, yet it still breaks my heart to hear that people will be without a job and in many cases unable to provide for themselves and their family due to loosing their only source of income. I felt the same way when I was laid off from a school that I was employed as a school social worker. It made me realize that our employer really only leases us until they can find someone to work for less or just cut costs by letting go of your position. I feel that a blessing is only a blessing if you can pass it on. I found an opportunity that now protects me from unemployment by providing me with multiple streams of income. Check it out at Best of luck to all that will be effected by the layoffs.