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“Longstreets” applies for ABC license for former Las Palmas site in Fredericksburg

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I noticed in today’s (chock-full-of-Black-Friday-deals-you-should-buy-one) Free Lance-Star that the business going into 409 William St. in downtown Fredericksburg has applied for an ABC license to sell beer, wine and mixed beverages there. The business going in appears to be called Longstreets, according to the application. The president is listed as Michael L. Beaton, and the formal legal name of the business is M.L. Beaton Enterprises LLC. Thus far we know only that a lease has been signed on the property, which is owned by Tommy Mitchell and was the former home of Walker Home, University Cafe and Las Palmas Cafe. The owner of the new business hasn’t revealed much about his plans for the large building, whose windows are now covered with brown paper as it’s prepared for the new enterprise. The new business is reportedly a bar and restaurant of some type. I’ll pass along more information as I get it.


  • Chris

    OK? So it seems you are doing alot of digging on a future business and I can not help it but to think you are aiming in the opposition direction. If not then leave them alone and if a neighbor of them is concerned they can object formally and publically and not hide. Seems to be a Fredericksburg normal to not want any entertainment or abc in this area. That is why it is so boring.

  • Mark O.

    Chris, what an idiotic response. He’s a business reporter and a new business is opening downtown in a building that so far has flopped 2 times and real quickly.

    Opposition? Longstreet doesn’t sound like any business proposal that is any better than the other two. This is such a HUGE place that it’s almost impossible to succeed in it unless you have a real savvy idea.

    M.L.Beaton has no evidence of success in retail/restaurants that I could dig up.

    But I hope the business reporter continues to do his job and dig up details about what is going on over at this business. Thank you reporter for staying on top of this.

  • A

    I work nearby the building and I heard a rumor that the new entrepreneurs plan to serve an American-style menu and bring in things like pool tables, air hockey, old-style arcade games and such.

    University Cafe was a good idea, but it was executed poorly. The menu was too large and the food was mostly bad and slow, which reflected poorly on the servers (they had in fact some very good servers who did their best…but there’s only so much you can do when the food isn’t coming out.)

    I think it sounds like a good plan for the space and if the food and service are decent it could be a great place to hang out.

    Best of luck to them.

  • Brian

    Chris, you’re an idiot. There are plenty of bars/restaurants in downtown Fredericksburg. The fact that Las Palmas and Uni Cafe both sucked is why they closed, not because of any sort of community opposition.