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Q2 taxable sales released

The Virginia Department of Taxation today released second-quarter taxable sales data. Click here to see the results and here to see past data. See tomorrow’s FLS Business section for a breakdown on how Fredericksburg-area sales tax revenues fared for the three months ending June 30 as compared with other quarters in the recent past.

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  • bhaas

    What am I missing here???

    With the data from Bill Freehling’s current blog I think I have been able to calculate the MAXIMUM approximate amount of the Spotsy VRE fuel tax revenue.

    According to the data here:
    2Q10 Spotsy Gas Station Sales taxes collected were 4,220,356. Granted, that figure is all sales at these stations and I am assuming it includes gasoline sales tax too. However, using these figures will skew the VRE tax amount to the HIGH side, hence MAXIMUM. Dividing that figure by .175 yields 24,116,320 in total gas station sales receipts for the same period. Hence, I calculate .02 x 24,116,320 equals 482,326 is the 2Q10 Spotsy contribution for VRE.

    Applying that same logic to the 2009 Total figures, also provided by BF, I calculate that Spotsy would have contributed, if they were a member then, approximately 1,493,109 to the VRE!

    These figures seem to be a far cry from the claims made about VRE revenues back during the great VRE debate.

    Again, I say, what am I missing here?

  • Bill Freehling

    These sales figures don’t include motor fuels. So the gas station sales reported here are likely just in-store sales. From my article:

    The data include sales figures from a wide variety of manufacturing, retail and service businesses. Certain data are excluded from the report, including sales of motor vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers, mobile homes, travel trailers, motor vehicle fuels and fuels for domestic consumption.

  • bhaas

    That certainly straightens out my thinking here. Thanks Bill.

    I did not read your article. Now, I am wondering why the state would tabulate such data and leave out significant tax sectors. Doesn’t make any sense to me.