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Being in the right place at right time plays a role in success

DOES HAPPENSTANCE explain why some people emerge as huge successes and others don’t?

To some extent it does, argues Malcolm Gladwell in his excellent book "Outliers: The Story of Success."

Gladwell’s book challenges the conventional wisdom of what leads to standout success. Most assume that people such as Microsoft’s Bill Gates get to where they are purely due to brilliance and hard work.

Gladwell takes a different view. He says that ultra-successful people almost always possess a brilliant mind and a determined work ethic. But it takes more than that to achieve huge success.

Outliers: The Story of Success

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  • lgross

    Have you every heard someone or some
    company say …”where do we want to be 5 years
    from now”

    “how should we position ourselves to be able to
    recognize and exploit opportunities?

    you never hear about all the companies and
    people who tried to do what Intel did and failed –
    because Intel did the things that resulted in them

    Intel did not just show up at a time and place as
    an amazing coincidence.

    that’s not to say that accidents don’t happen.

    they do. both good and bad.. but it’s not the way
    to make your way… diligence is the opposite of

  • mydar

    Woody Allen says 99% of success is just showing up. Luck might open the door, but being smart and able enough to walk through leverage the opportunity is the difference between and PetSmart.