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Stafford Regional Airport in USA Today

Stafford Regional Airport is featured in an article in today’s edition of USA Today. The article discusses how much federal money has been spent on general aviation airports in the U.S. and questions whether it’s worth the taxpayer expense, as the little-used and money-losing airports mostly cater to wealthy business types and recreational pilots.

Click here for the USA Today article.

Click here for the last article we did about the situation at the Stafford airport.

Update: Click here, here and here for responses to the USA Today article from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, National Air Transportation Association and National Business Aviation Association.


  • kf4dfb

    Not worth it. As you said, it caters to those that are rec pilots.
    I don’t live in the county, nor own/fly an airplane, and I can clearly see that it has been a waste of money. Isn’t there a local community with a private airstrip near there as well?

  • cassandrasdaddy

    hes over due with his anti airport crusade

  • observer

    The Stafford Airport shows how political decisions lead to
    bad results. The FAA at the time funded 90% of the
    cost of several VA airports. Most cost about $9M. Then
    came Stafford placed on unsatisfactory hilly terrain
    construction costs soared. The final bill came in at
    $47M. Tort liability and high fuel cost then destroyed the
    general aviation market and industry. Most of those FAA
    funded airports, like Stafford, are still underutilized.
    Taxpayers lost again.