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To score in investments, try to figure out market’s next move

BILLIONAIRE investor Warren Buffett frequently quotes former hockey great Wayne Gretzky’s line that he skates "where the puck is going to be, not where it has been."

In other words, it’s always important to look forward to where things are headed rather than staying stuck in the present. Hockey players need to figure out where the puck will be. Investors need to discern economic trends.

In a New York Times op-ed this past week, Buffett looked past the current economic malaise to the future. What he sees is a high likelihood of inflation if the federal government continues along its current path.

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  • lgross

    was for the Feds to put money into the economy
    because the private sector could not or would not
    but that there was a two-fold, double-edge risk.

    If the stimulus was not enough, further collapse
    would be just delayed.. but on the other hand, if
    the stimulus worked – then “too much” would
    cause inflation.

    so the trick is not too little, not too much…but
    just right – and on your first or second try (since
    we don’t see that many economic collapses) if
    you guess wrong – it’s better to guess wrong on
    the inflation side….

    looks like the average person out there see’s the
    stimulus as wanton and unwarranted…. though