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No answer is answer to pay raise request

Six weeks ago, I requested a meeting with my boss to discuss my performance and ask for a raise. She made positive comments about my work and said she would get back to me about the salary increase.

After sending her two email reminders, I have still not heard anything. Even if my request is denied, I would appreciate the courtesy of a reply. Should I send another email?

In reality, your manager’s silence on the subject probably answers the question, at least for now. Nevertheless, you do deserve a response, so the key is to get one without annoying your boss. A third email might brand you as a nag, so try a more subtle approach.

The next time you have a face-to-face meeting with her, casually pose your question at the end of the conversation. For example: “By the way, I assume my request for a raise didn’t come at a convenient time. Could we discuss it again in a few months?”

If your increase is in the approval pipeline, your boss can explain how that process works. But if it was rejected, hopefully she will agree to revisit the topic at a later date.

Marie G. McIntyre is a workplace coach and the author of “Secrets to Winning at Office Politics.”