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Turn-down service may turn you off

Inside look at hotel protocols shocks

By Beverly Meyer

The Free Lance-Star

YOU’D HAVE to work there to know what it’s really like.    A hotel, that is.

With details that will make you cringe, Jacob Tomsky reveals many “secrets” the general public has never fathomed could be true about the hotel industry, in “Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir.”

Starting with valet service (there may be no parking garage—your car could be  planted out next to traffic along a busy street) to how  to buy off the  housekeeping staff, and more, Tomsky’s obscenity-laced writing style recounts his firsthand experience working in the hotel industry.

Room cleaning protocol alone will give you pause. Who knew that Pledge-sprayed cloth that makes the bathroom sink sparkle is the same one used to wipe “clean” the water glasses? Notice a whiff of  lemon? That’s why.

The mileage you can get out of a $20 bill will surprise, and that’s just the beginning.

Vulgar language notwithstanding, this amusing and revealing book could serve you well before your next stay at a luxury hotel.

Beverly Meyer is a copy editor  at The Free Lance–Star.


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