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Why pay a therapist?

Couples who can change together stay together

By Beverly Meyer

The Free Lance-Star

THE PROVOCATIVE title of Dr. Steven Craig’s insightful marriage how-to book, “The 6 Husbands Every Wife Should Have, ” just hints at the  trove of “start this today” advice contained within.

Based on the principle that marriages don’t fail when people change, they fail when people don’t change, Craig outlines the six stages of marriage and how partners must adjust to changes in their lives and family in order to remain a team.

The book begins by looking at some common misconceptions about marriage. One is the idea that a couple doesn’t need to change, because their love will surmount all difficulties. In fact, it’s important to realize from the get-go that your relationship will continually evolve. You and your spouse will be reinventing yourselves continually as the years pass, with the power of love allowing the power of change to fuel the relationship.

Craig offers a “change readiness quiz” that prepares the reader for the meaty insights that make up this extremely useful book: the six stages of marriage.

These stages  range from the time of engagement all the way to empty-nesting and, finally, the golden years.

The “six husbands” a wife  needs refers to  how the husband changes throughout the six stages, but applies to her, too, in winning in the long run.

This book will save you the price of a therapist. It’s a really valuable tool for  marriage at any stage.

Beverly Meyer  is a copy editor  for The Free Lance–Star.


By Dr. Steven Craig

(Simon & Schuster, $24.99, 303 pp.)


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